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My mind is boggled by the fact it is now faster to travel by train from Ealing Broadway to Liverpool Street than it is from Highams Park.

London’s map reshaped indeed.
If you miss a train to Heathrow T4 or T5, rather than wait for the next one you can take the first Crossrail train to Heathrow T2/3 and connect from there. Free travel exists inside the Heathrow zone, which includes being able to use Heathrow Express services.
As I live a three minute walk from Maryland Station this is going to make all sorts of journeys much easier for me. Funnily enough I grew up with Whitechapel as my nearest station and I have always felt a bit sad having to live this far out - in what I still regard as almost Essex Stratford. I am very excited!
I was wrestling with the Glastonbury ticketing system. 100% sure you were having the better time
Dwell time is indeed an odd thing on Crossrail. Yesterday I went through Stratford where West Ham were playing, and the dwell times were such that a conversation, a selfie, getting on the train and sitting down was possible before the train closed its doors.

That’s somewhat understandable when the trains are busy, but it was even like that at the deathly quiet west end stations throughout the morning.
I tried out the Oxford Circus out of station interchange - 7 minutes from Victoria line train to boarding a Shenfield which was fortuitously arriving when I got to the platform. This helped clock up a 36-minute Brixton-Stratford touch-in-out time.

My first visit to the Olympic Park for 2 years was compromised by match day. A thoroughly depressing experience trying to find the way in past building sites, and irate traffic. The journey back was just 32 minutes (with as good as it gets timing with train arrivals). Some people on the train were getting thoroughly confused with the out of date line maps.

Time to check out the vlogs to speculate on possible cameo appearances.
Another first day casualty - the lady who looked up aghast at Stratford because she thought all the trains still went to Canary Wharf.
So how long has "dwell time" been a thing?
Is the distance so ridiculous that you may risk being waken by passing Crossrail trains afterwards?
I would have changed at Paddington, just to find out how they ensure everyone leaves the train.
Same as everywhere else Kev - platform staff board the train and check everyone has left.

Dwell time has been a thing forever as part of railway timetable planning.
I can confirm that trains pausing outside Paddington while they wait for their slot in the timetable is really frustrating.

Three minutes of snail’s pace dawdling to avoid reaching the red signal too soon, followed by four minutes stopped at the red signal, followed by another lethargic minute before the tunnel portal.

But only until May.
Two young men were still on a terminating train at Kennington recently when the doors closed and it departed. I think they were told by staff to alight but thought they had all the time in the world to do so as they stopped by the door to have a chat.
Of course, the new connections are actually of little benefit to either Reading or Shenfield as it is much quicker to use national rail and change. At least in the East it is convenient to change at Stratford. In the West there ought to be a case for many more GWR trains to stop somewhere like Ealing Broadway
Kev - the plan for the western interchange is Old Oak Common
Also, to answer a lingering question...

Mile End to Ealing Broadway
District line: 56 minutes
Central line: 42 minutes
Crossrail (via Whitechapel): 33 minutes
"the new connections are actually of little benefit to either Reading or Shenfield..."
Depends on your perspective, Kev. Faster isn't the only criteria. Getting on the train at Shenfield and going all the way to Bond Street without changing is a big win (esp. with kids).
My heart is aflutter - I was there at Maryland at the same time to catch that train. In fact I’m pretty sure I would be visible standing to just to the right of that first photo.
Spent 10 minutes or so at the Liverpool Street platforms letting people know that there were no Elizabeth line trains upstairs anymore. People were very grateful!
The signage isn't great, but not helped by lack of staff - and the fact that people run on autopilot & don't pay attention...
I got excited at what could possibly be a glimpse of white DG trainers in the 2nd photo, but on closer inspection it looks to be some kind on number!
I’m surprised at just how many station signs are still incorrect. I can just about understand why the route maps inside the carriages haven’t been changed - although swapping a card over should be a lot simpler than on the tube where they have to line up a sticker - but is madness that places like Ealing Broadway are still displaying route maps showing Liverpool Street and Paddington pedestrian interchanges.
Heathrow ID holders still get 75% off HEX, which combined with split ticketing makes it cheaper for crew to do a single tube journey then a single HEX journey (£6.25 vs £12.80)
A friend got the lizzie line a few days ago and reported a group of people who were wearing jumpers and scarves to match the upholstry. Unfourtunatly she did not get a photo.

Years after buying in Plumstead because of Crossrail she is thrilled its finally cutting her communte time.
A colleague of mine was persuaded to buy a house in Ealing because the commute to the City would be so easy when Crossrail was completed. That was in 1980. He retired 15 years ago
Well, the price of his house has increased by about 10x since 1980 anyway.

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