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Saw the image, instantly recognised it, and hoped that you squished it. These stink bugs are menaces. I have had the dishonour of being in the presence of its eponymous smell - I'd describe it as rotten coriander. Thanks to whoever unknowingly squished it, otherwise it may have started a new life and a whole family of its own in London.
So today I'll be seeking some suitable situation, so I can use the word 'marmorated'.
Definitely a shield bug but I can't tell if it was a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, it looks paler in your pic. We found a rare shield bug once and Twitter (as was) helped identify it. Can't remember who it was but I usually start with @flygirlnhm
It looks to me much more like Pentatoma rufipes, the Forest or Red-legged Shieldbug, which is also much commoner. The “shoulders” are much wider and more pointed than on Marmorated, and I cannot see any marmorations on it.

Shieldbugs are not beetles.
I've added some shieldbug speculation to the end of the post...

...and oh, not a beetle. I'll never make an entomologist.
So it was a justified bug termination and you take credit for it.

Klendathu is watching.
If shieldbugs are not beetles, what are they?

dg writes: bugs
I can't recall seeing a shieldbug in my garden at all this year. Some years there are lots of them, mainly the green ones, as they hatch out and group around the plants.
And this is the same day that a Bee network was introduced into Manchester by the mayor.
I did not know that "bug" is a specific classification for a certain kind of insect. I now discover that a flea is also classified as a bug, which is certainly a fact to remember. My immediate thought on seeing today's photo was "that's a weevil, not a beetle" - wrong of course, especially as it turns out a weevil IS a kind of beetle. I'm another who will never make an entymologist, clearly.
TW, you mean coriander smells even worse when it's rotten? How is that even possible?
I'm glad it's not just me who ponders about how I've changed the course of of a small thing's life. Beetles often smuggle a trip home from a weekend camping for instance.
I thought stinkbugs only existed in Mark Twain books and Captain Beefheart records.
Wendy: there are some very interesting genetics involved in smell/taste perception of coriander. It seems we both have the same “dislike” genes!!
I can heartily recommend Richard Jones' recently published book in the New Naturalist series entitled "Shieldbugs" which discusses their smells among other things. Stinkbugs are what Americans call all shieldbugs.

I can also recommend his 2017 book in the same series on "Beetles", and "Call of nature - a natural history of dung" . All, especially the last, are amusingly written, not a very common attribute of books on wildlife. Learn about the cubic poo of wombats.
I haven't been this invested in animal manslaughter since Philip Larkin merked that hedgehog with his mower!
DB83: yep, and I'm of a mind that it's more common than people realise.

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