please empty your brain below

The three most exciting words of this post for me is 'via Brookmans Park'. I live near that village and hopefully I might catch a glimpse! But if your line up to Hendon is correct they will approach at an angle which doesn't involve going very near my house :(

wot no last-minute-olympic-ticket-buying story? bah. bloody wedding ... ;)

Excitingly, the line from Fairlop to Buckingham Palace passes directly over my flat.

Less excitingly, I'll be at work.

But part of the BBC's coverage will be Matt Baker, live from on board the Lancaster, so maybe I'll get to see it from above.


Please just check the last page of the mod pdf it has the exact route of both flights.


Is section heading 4 on the pdf - "Fats Jet Formation" - a typo? Or is 'Fats' a 1940s style nickname for one of the pilots?

Cheers for the reminder DG, I'd say the route over East London was pretty much exactly as you predicted....certainly looked like it from view point at Planarchy towers. Two minutes between the old and new planes at this point.

I was in Hyde Park for the wedding today; the flight went right over my head, possibly the most exciting part of the day for me (sorry William, sorry Kate, um, Catherine).

Also: 'Excuse me madam...?' Is there something you want to tell us DG?

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