please empty your brain below

I am believing stats less and less as time goes on. My visitor numbers (althought never as high as yours) were rising month on month, until July when they dropped off alarmingly. August, and September were also low, October was showing signs of recovery - and now (all of a sudden) my increase in visitors is back to where it was in June.

I am one of those who appears only to visit once. Firefox deletes all my cookies when I log off.

I usd to come along now and again but now read every day more or less. I enjoy the quality of your writing. Enjoyed Chord at your recommendation and can manage to skim the stats when necessary. Thank you for writing. G

I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, after stumbling upon it one evening in late 2007, and it still doesn't disappoint. Keep 'em coming!

I was one of those who first visited in Spetember. Now I come back every day, and have almost finished reading your entire archive. Keep it up!

You write what you want and that's what we like. Been reading everyday since September 2006 - which leaves me four years to archives to catch up on...

38 will be along shortly too.

Are these separate people or the same people coming back later in the day to read comments?

Funny, I read you from 3 or 4 different places but not this September....I was online less often than for a very very long time.
So, November numbers are already more than ever and we have another 10 days to go!

I read it every morning and it's great to know there'll be a new post every day (ahem, unlike mine). What you write about matters far less than how you write it - you make everything interesting and entertaining.


Your blog is a refreshing breath of fresh air. I am a September newby, and now read you every day (and am going through the archives a bit slower than Bruce). Congratulations on a clear and colourful layout with meticulous research. Your blog is inspirational. Oh, and the 10 year anniversary thing recently: it really is time to move on, life is far too short. Hope you don't mind me adding my two penneth on this as well.

I'm not going somewhere else!
Your Blog is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Daily visitor here, it's been part of my morning routine for the last few years. Into the office, check emails, couple of phone calls then check DG and have a few minutes break.
It's one of the few, daily updated blogs with excellent writing and content.
Just hope you keep it up as I'm hooked!

Another daily visitor. It must be good to see numbers increasing (which is no more than you deserve). Keep up the good work!

I'm a daily visitor and I'm a big fan. I don't often comment (sorry) but just wanted to say you are appreciated. It must take a huge amount of self-discipline to write something interesting every day.

Blimey, can it really be 7 years that I've been reading DG? I can't swear that I read every word of every post but I do go back and catch up on the days I've missed when I've been away from the internet for a few days.

I read your posts pretty much every day and have been doing so for about a year or so.
I've got to say, I'm always impressed by the amount of research you must do whenever you visit anywhere, which results in genuinely informative posts, that never skimp on detail. A case in point, I guess, would be the effort - in physical as well as written terms - that must've gone into the serialised trek along the entire course of the river Lea.
Another thing I suppose I must like is the integrity that shines through in your posts: no-one's going to buy off your favours with a cheap drink.

Ummm. There is maybe just one thing. I gotta say, I do sometimes long for the day when you free yourself from the drudgery which is public transport... and get yourself a motorbike!
I mean, sure, I guess you CAN get from place to place on the tube, if you really don't have any other option, but even you'd have to admit that having to rely on public transport of any kind can be a bit, well, 'limiting'
Hmmm. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think you should get yourself out a bit more

I'm new-ish, and this is my first comment. Your blog is now on my Things I Read Every Day list.

"My chief raison d'être is that I write what I want to write, not what you want to read" - that's the best reason in the world to write, and I love it. I don't have to relate to what you write about in order to still enjoy it anyway, and it's certainly not tedious. You're doing a great job

I read DG every day since 2003. I find some of the articles about little known places, in London to be very interesting.

I've been an every day reader since March, but as I also read through your entire archive (even the geeky bits) I feel like like I've been here since day one!!

I've been reading since mid-2007, and I'd say that one of the chief draws for me is your ability to make unlikely subjects genuinely interesting. The other is the quality of writing. I've also read two and a half years' worth of posts without ever coming across a single spelling, grammar or punctuation error, broken link or badly worded sentence. And you take good pictures.

I read your blog most days and always catch up if I miss a day - and goin thro your archive was a real pleasure - I also feel I've been here since the start but only 2 years - how did I do without it. keep up the good work. It's much appreciated.

Dave B

I've been checking in for about 18 months - it's top stuff DG, keep 'em coming!

DG, your daily posting is now a part of many people's lives, not just in the UK but all around the world. Did you have any idea this would happen, when you began your blog?

I discovered you very recently.
After a holiday in Kent I found the man from St Margarets who has wonderful bird photography. In an idle moment I clicked on some his links and found you.
I like your variety.
And I like the fact that there is something new every day.
I have a blog - and I think I must write something each day because people get bored with looking to see if there is anything new and finding nothing.
Mine is almost entirely diary about people and places and on days like today - nothing much.
PS How do you get to see the stats?

I love reading your London-cenric blog, even though I hardly know London. How you manage your job, your blogs and your excursions I do not know. Perhaps it is your love-life that has suffered! Keep up the good work - it is appreciated every day in this part of Yorkshire.

@Paula: To see the stats, click on the right-hand logo (extreme tracker) at the very bottom of this page.

Hey DG!

I've been reading your blog mostly on, just a little off, for I guess about 7-8 years. I'm from Wisconsin, USA, so I'm sure I'm one of those that you wonder 'why is he interested?'
Well, I guess I've alway's had a fascination with the UK, London especially. Not an obsession, more of an admiration, romancification, if thats a word. You fill me in on the real deal, so why wouldn't I be back? Keep up the good work!

p.s. My only thought is that -wow- how much time do you spend on this blog in one day and still work full time? This blog looks like a full time job!

Hey DG, Lot's of love going on here which is very well deserved. As ever, you're my favourite and must read every entry blog!

I happened upon your blog when you were doing your Metroland special and have been a more-or-less daily visitor ever since. I keep returning not only for the quality of your writing, but also for the subject material you choose, which in many cases is on topics in which I too have an interest. Another loyal and happy reader, hoping that you keep on writing.

I moved from London to New York and your blog is still my most read...does make me miss the Big Smoke though!

I'm an irregular reader.
I'm a Yorkshireman who's not been to London for a few years.
When I do visit London, I like to walk and wander, to see places off the beaten track, to ponder history, and you and your blog do just that, you tackle different subjects and routes, and give us an insider's view.
So I have you bookmarked, and every now and then, I stop by to read and learn.
Keep doing what you do, writing what you like, we visitors can pick and choose if we need to.
I look at my own sitemeter, and discover people from unexpected places coming and returning, I've no idea why, I have no theme, I just post whatever I want. It's nice if someone appreciates it, but i don't cry if they don't give a damn.

You generally write what I want to read. So, thanks for that

I delete cookies from time to time but I have been reading your blog off and on for about two years. I just enjoy your writing. Keep it up.
from Canada,

No, I’m NOT new. I travel a lot and have to catch-up as and when.
I believe your success is down to your excellent writing, plus, perhaps the quality of your comments followers?

I'm regular - I put this down to a good diet.

Oh and quality writing such as yours. I hope you won't mind if I rip off this particular post in its entirety though, DG, because I can say exactly the same thing about mine. (I probably won't however.)

It's either synergy or the time of year.

Isn't it about time you bought some new trousers?

I'm not an everyday reader, and it is your own fault. This is such an interesting blog, that if I read it in the morning, my day's work just wouldn't get done! I have to save it up for the increasingly rare bits of spare time, and try to catch up by speed-reading. Not ideal, I know.
Keep it up, anyway.


I do want to link to this post (rather than posting it in its entirety!) but clicking on the permalink gives me ALL the posts currently on your front page.

Any idea why?

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