please empty your brain below

Apart from the London Eye, which will be shutting for maintenance, what is the best place to look out over London?

I like the photos, the smoking greyhound is brilliant.

Shame that one of my favourites from your photos didn't make the cut, it was this one:

I have lived within a mile and a half of Eltham Palace for a couple of years now and have never been. New Years resolution number one then.

Debster- the top of Greenwich Park, 'the point' nearby and the northern side of Shooters Hill are all great views of London.

Many thanks to D.G. for another fabulous year of mind-boggling blogging. I find the D.G. travel blogging to be especially interesting, as one who most likely will never get there in real life.

No one does blogging like the D.G.! (they'd have to hire an entire staff to replace you)

Debster: best views of London for me 1. Top of Parliament Hill 2. Primrose Hill 3. Outside Ally Pally 4. The Monument 5. Dome of Saint Pauls

The Monument - yeah I had forgotten about that!

A great year of blogposts, DG. I can't believe that you don't receive a penny for your work. Congratulations, and may next year be just as fascinating!

Happy new year DG. I hope 2009 is good to you.

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