please empty your brain below

The library is not the best example of Edwardian architecture. I'd happily believe it was an early electricity sub-station rather than a bibliophile's delight.
Fascinating, thanks. Inspired to visit Barnsbury Wood now.

Sidetracked with Andrew Peter Martin’s excellent photos too.
An absorbing post - especially the wooden chicken - thankyou! I need to revise my view of Islington as monolithic, beige and drab.
Also on the Thornhill Estate, on Richmond Avenue, front doors flanked, by Egyptian sphinxes.
Thank you for following my suggestion.
Nice write up. I used to live on the Caledonian Road just at the canal, and would often walk the back streets of Barnsbury and through this square many times.
Your mention of the Bemerton estate prompted me to visit the adjacent Crumbles Castle. it is currently surrounded by barriers during a refurbishment of the playground of which it forms a part. For those who don’t know the Castle is a substantial tower built in 1971 by architecture students using cobbles from locally demolished tenements.
Rob Smith from "Footprints of London" does an excellent "Squares of Islington" guided walk.
There's also an excellent guided walk from Philip at London Walks called 'Up the Cally' which starts at King's Cross and finishes at Caledonian Road underground station. It's a good way to get a feel for the contrasts along either side of what is not your usual tourist route. They only run it on occasional Sundays, and the next one isn't until March.
I can put you in touch with someone who does live on the square, and who isn't wealthy (although has lived there a long time).

I have been to visit a few times.

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