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Being pedantic does Brixton not count as also being National Rail given that it's advertised as an interchange and is only 100 m away. It's quicker to go from platform to platform there than it is at several of the major National Rail stations on the list.
I wonder how much Southwark and Bermondsey increases are due to the national rail works at London Bridge? Certainly Southwark (my local) has seen a huge increase as a direct result.
Canary Wharf will also become a National Rail station in 2018, when Crossrail arrives.

True, but not relevant as it will be a separate station with the same name located some distance away.
What LU could really do with is a plan to increase the capacity of Oxford Circus station. If only there was a giant flagship store close to Oxford Circus that was about to go bust and they could use as a worksite.
I'm slightly surprised that Olympia has risen so much, considering that on the District at least it has a significantly reduced and limited service these days. I assume that means that the majority of the increase is LO passengers
Cannon Street trains ALL stop at London Bridge -- until August bank holiday, when they whizz through until all the work is completed.
Rich ...,

It could be a perverse effect similar to one often noted by economists. People didn't use Kensington Olympia (LU) because the service wasn't perceived as that good. It gets a perceived good London Overground service so the station is used a lot more and some of those users opt to get there by District line knowing they have a backup plan if that doesn't work. On the return journey they see a District line train sitting there and take advantage of it. So market share goes down but absolute usage goes up.
Cannon Street's increase might owe a lot to Charing Cross not having London Bridge service - passengers that used to change onto Charing Cross services at LB now go to Embankment via Cannon Street.

It is interesting that Chesham's rise (a lot of which is due to off-peak through trains, though given Amersham had 5-year LU gains of 0.27m and NR gains of 0.945m, there's a large unrelated growth too) hasn't been met with a corresponding fall at Amersham. Well, if you take in the NR stats that is: Amersham is an interesting case where the NR-LU balance keeps fluctuating within the pattern of growth (with answers explained by the timetable changes).
Watford is not in the bottom 20... and still it is set to close. Mind you, they will replace it with another three stations some 3/4 of a mile to a mile away. Not that that's much consolation for those who have had hit on the doorstep for the last century or more.
Sorry. 95 years. It's not quite a century old. No telegram from HRH then.
In my understanding, the Met originally wanted to extend from Watford to Watford Town Centre, but local objections on the basis of fears of the consequences for Cassiobury Park prevented such an extension taking place. If it wasn't for the objections, there wouldn't be the closure proposal now. You reap the harvest ...
Think the 2015 Holborn increase is probably because of TCR being shut for much of that period, which made Holborn hellish in evening rush hour for most of last year.

Since TCR re-opened it has got significantly better so wouldn't be surprised to see it drop back a bit next year.
I proudly declare myself having contributed to Waterloo's count for its top place, as well as the drop for Oxford Circus, because I had learnt that walking seemed to be a better option to get around there.
Stations outside Z1: four on the Vic and 3 on the Jubilee. Tourists, royalists or the benefits of moving block signalling/ATO? You decide.
The increase in passengers seems to justify the investment in HS2.
Uncle Audrey
"No telegram from HRH then. "
It's HM who sends the telegrams, not a mere HRH

I suspect the Olympia figures include LO as well as LU passengers, as they use the same gateline. For the opposite reason, some users at stations like Stratford won't have been counted because they you don't pass through a gateline to switch between TfL Rail and Central.
Anon @ 10:15 and Timbo,

I assumed from the start that Olympia included both LU and LO (and possibly even some short jny passengers who used Southern services), due to a lack of easy way of working out which service a passenger had took (unless they tap out at a LO only station, or had human/automated counters of passengers on/off District trains). I also assumed this was the case on both years of the survey, which i was i was intrigued that despite overall service going down (less LU services), passenger numbers were sharply up.

I also assume that there are other stations where the numbers are a bit grey, as services are operated by LU and LO/NR from the same gateline and route permutations can be varied, and unless the check-out station was obviously an LO/LU route only there is no way of knowing 100% which service a passenger took. EG:
Gunnersbury - Richmond/Stratford etc: LO or LU;
For Amersham/Rickmansworth etc to Harrow, you can at least have a 'solid guess' based on times of tap in/out and times of services running.
I would think that the provision of an all-day direct service from Chesham to London would put it in competition with Berkhamsted - there is quite a large semi-rural catchment area between both towns. I think Chesham is a cheaper trip too, along with all the facilities of Oyster/contactless, making that more appealing. That said, Chesham isn't exactly a small town and the station usage figures were pretty lousy in the preceding years - a more attractive service could see an improvement from the customer base the town itself provides fairly easily.

I don't have the most recent entry/exit figures for Berko but would be interesting to compare with 1) those at Chesham and 2) those at other LM stations between Watford and Tring.
Uncle Audrey

When the Watford Met service finishes those living across the other side of Cassiobury Park will presumably be thinking about using Watford Junction instead to get to London for work and pleasure!
"Canary Wharf is an exception - that's simply work" - um, last time I was passing, there seemed to be quite a few shops nearby ...

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