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Here East is partly open - I've been working in it for two years!
Pushing it a bit to say the Olympic Stadium is not open. It will never actually be "open" but "being used" which is now.
Is the Greenway walkway under the railway and next to the City Mill river ever going to open? Is there actually an ETA?
Not really Olympic, but legacy nonetheless, there's also the 3 Mills towpath to Fat walk connection at Twelvetrees; Cody Dock to Limmo Peninsula; Limmo Peninsula to Canning Town; Canning Town to Orchard Place.
The Stadium island is now open, I just used it as a handy shortcut cycling back from the Waitrose at Westfield, rather than head up the narrow central walkway I instead headed straight on and cut around the North West of the stadium to go back onto Mandeville Place to cut across the Monier Road footbridge. Except for a few curious folk peering through the stadium doors to catch a glimpse of the internal of the stadium itself I had the island to myself. I never had tickets for any events at the stadium so this was the first time I've been here since it was the Marshgate Lane trading estate.
Another post elsewhere (Buzzfeed, in fact), reminded me of the great bell from the opening ceremony. We were promised it would be relocated to the park. Anybody know of its whereabouts?

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