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Splendid stuff.
Much as I dread the psychological impact of the winter season every autumn, as each gloomy week passes we edge closer to the brighter days of spring. Brexit will be all over. And the worst of Covid19 behind us. Maybe.
We wish and hope. Bring it on.
"the good times will return, half a year from now"
oh how I do very very much hope you'e right on all counts
I like the gloom of winter, all the better as I appreciate the longer days and the signs of spring when it finishes, plus I do like a dark rush hours with all the lights on the buses, cars and trains, shop fronts fully illuminated, street lights and traffic lights - although on balance I preferred the incandescent lighting era, the old slam door emus were never quite the same after they were refurbished, same for the RM/RMLs.
Thank you for the personal reassurance this year :)
...and on cue there is a cold breeze this evening.
Hate winter, if not for COVID I would be setting off for Australia to spend the majority of summer there as I usually do
It takes me a few days to mourn the passing of summer, but once I've come round to the idea I do enjoy snuggling down into the dark half too.
City lights, and the kiss of cold air, glorious!
Intriguingly London gets more daylight annually than the equator (by about 56 hours) because the sun hits the horizon on the slant rather than plummeting straight down.

Maximum daylight occurs around the Arctic Circle, which is where the sun grazes the horizon for the longest time.
For the majority of this article I read daylight as sunlight. Wishful thinking!
Intriguing, as you say, that atmospheric refraction near the horizon makes such a difference to daylight hours. And indeed that the Earth’s varying speed around its elliptical orbit makes the spring and summer in the northern hemisphere about a week longer than the spring and the summer in the southern hemisphere.

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