please empty your brain below

Fascinating. I've been planning to visit Eltham for ages, and this might make an interesting adjunct. I wonder if Kew could be persuaded to acquire an east London outpost...
Thanks for another interesting post. I lived in south east London for nearly 40 years and didn't know this existed - must visit next time I'm back.
"market forces" at play? Guess there was nothing to lose by the application to the Heritage Lottery cash. Now it time to sell up and await the "luxury housing" project to begin.
Nothing to do with Avery Hill, and everything to do with the Underground. See The Economist magazine, Christmas double edition dated 20 Dec, page 46 et seq.
DG said : importing fertiliser from South Africa

As your Col North reference says, actually South America - eventually Chile.

dg writes: Sorry, yes, wrong continent.
Isn't the largest glasshouse in the UK that one at Thanet Earth? I think the Temperate House is the largest glasshouse *open to the public*. Subtle distinction, granted.
Thanks - this has been on my "to do" list for a while. Noticed on your link to the location of the source of the River Shuttle that OSM is atrocious round there. Ripe for an afternoon of exploring and mapping!

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