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This whole thing has taken so long there was a "Virgin Megastore" joke.
On such a momentous day I was looking forward to my daily wake up read and all I get is repeats. ☺
A long time coming indeed. Has Crossrail inspired the longest ever diamond geezer post?
(Thanks for the check back to the Crossrail walk)
"Imagine the nightmare scenario in which things were so bad TfL had to delay December's launch until 2019"

Oh dear.
Similar post for Crossrail2/Chelney/whatever name gets chosen in 20 years time (many assumptions implied)?

dg writes: No.
Current BBC "full story" report: "Crossrail: What you need to know about the Elizabeth line".

What a branding triumph. I look forward to "Dangleway: What you need to know about the London Cable Car".
Maryland update: they changed the name on the roundel sign outside overnight. I’m impressed TfL.
Happy Geoff Marshall day.

Although I cannot let it pass without being the grump from the north who will point out that this would have bought 5 or 6 extensive light rail networks around not London and subsidised millions and millions of miles of bus journeys.

In five, four, three, two, one, someone'll be along to point out that London contributes loads of tax, so....

Because we're not all in it together.
According to the National Rail Enquiries site today, trains are calling at Paddington Crossrail, Tottenham Court Road (Elizabeth line), Farringdon Crossrail, Liverpool St Crossrail, Whitechapel (Elizabeth line), Canary Wharf (Elizabeth line), Custom House (Elizabeth line), Woolwich (Elizabeth line) and Abbey Wood (Crossrail).

Crossrail trains are not shown on the main Paddington Live departures & arrivals page but searching for Paddington Crossrail says Sorry, no stations found.

Still a few teething problems...
In the spirit of this post I’ve had a look back at an archive of Transport Plans for the London Area, the first web site that really got me into London transport geekery. It feels like an appropriate day to look back, not least to how at least some people looked forward in 2001.

Here's to you, John Francis Rowland. (And to London not-re Connections, and to Always Touch Out, and to many more.)
wow, a post and a half - nearly as long as Crossrail's wait time!
What a journey this has been!

But, most importantly, did Crossrail Place Shopping Mall in Canary Wharf (2015) become the Elizabeth Place Shopping Mall the following year?
I find it difficult to get excited about an over-priced and long-delayed tribute to pre-Covid times for a city already well-endowed in public transport, delivered during one of the darkest periods this country has known.
Cornish Cockney - having been handed a map as I left the station at Canary Wharf, it is very definitely still Crossrail Place. Didn't tempt me to go and look inside though.
40 photos, if you fancy a ride down the line.
My friend and I spent about 5 hours (from 10:30 - 15:30) on the new line today - it was busy!

First impressions:-
- The trains were mostly smooth (one wasn't);
- The seats are not very comfortable (I certainly wouldn't want to travel from e.g. Shenfield all the way to e.g. Reading); and
- The stations are as huge as all the photos indicated.

Greater Anglia hasn't got the memo about no more 'Crossrail'; their on-board displays about the state of the various Underground lines, etc. still mention "TfL Rail"!
We particularly liked the brickwork coming up the escalator at Woolwich (as seen in your photos).

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