please empty your brain below

I can confirm that Greenwich Peninsula, Charlton, Blackheath, Shooters Hill & Greenwich are all still here.... I have walked, jogged, run and explored pretty much every last square foot of them over the last six months. Greenwich Park has oftentimes been very busy.
Do not worry,young DG, we are still here on the Sarff side,wondering when we will be able to roam the whole of our town again. Be good,stay safe and remember-Hands,Face and Boompsadaisy!
The Shard is still there. Regrettably.
You are being very law abiding. Your chances of catching Covid through a short masked walk through the foot tunnel remain where they were a month ago: infinitesimal. So take a walk, get your exercise and restore your mental health.
My mental health is fine, thanks.
You could try hailing a cab, although the response might be "I'm not going south of the river at this time of the pandemic"
Also walked all that side of the Thames several times this summer..... Walking through the Greenwich tunnel is definitely allowed and as you posted a couple of weeks ago you can also use public transport to get to your daily exercises as 'essential travel, no longer appears in the rules. Be bold DG...
Just like the apocryphal cabbie constraint, the uncrossability of the Thames is not entirely physical. South London has always been the home of a different tribe.
I walked through the tunnel to the observatory a few weeks ago. They were coaxing people to pay to go in, maybe just to stand on the line I suppose. It didn't look shut to a casual observer. You can stand on the meridian line for free on a nearby path.
Those highrises in North Greenwich are flats, not offices. My 6 storey office block is behind them, its original view of the river cut off by later buildings, though I haven't been there since March so I can't confirm you still can't see the river from it. A developer's trick I suspect, to entice clients by a river view while not actually promising it so they can't complain when they lose it.
Dangleway: "To enable social distancing, only one passenger is allowed per cabin, unless a household or group is travelling together."

So that should be safe.
Jago Hazzard is also one of the masochistic tribe of mild urbex tunnel walkers, per YouTube.
Bicycles are availible
Yes we can all find loopholes. E.g. Tower Bridge. But the post is still a clever construct, well illustrated as always.
It wasn't safety that ruled out the Dangleway...
You used public transport to go to Cleethorpes and Ramsgate so confined spaces were not a problem then.
As I haven't even checked Central London still exists since early on in February, South London seems as far away as the moon to me right now!
Yes we're still here even in further south London
We miss you too, DG.
Middlesex is not quite as inaccessible from this part of Surrey/SW London although Teddington footbridge is unusable if you wish to ensure social distancing as it is less than 2 metres wide.

But I don't think I've visited the Eastern hemisphere since February 4th.
If the rest of South London is not there, DG, I wonder what you expect to find in its place...
Interesting divide between those who take DG's post literally and those who see the figurative meaning.
O2 roof climbing is not for me. Their terms are quite clear: D(d)(8) warns that the climb may trigger 'congenial defects' - no good for an insouciant curmudgeon such as myself.
On the Woolwich ferry, are passengers allowed to stand in the open air?
Lorraine, absolutely, I had never taken the Ferry so frequently before the lockdowns, it's a pandemic-compatible delight for cyclists and pedestrians.
"It's not entirely impossible that [Deptford] could have fallen into a sinkhole since I was last there..."

I think it fell into a metaphorical sinkhole a while ago...

(Said in jest, I'm a Deptford resident and proud.)
I've been wondering if North London still exists. Yes you can see something that looks like it from Greenwich or Deptford, but it could be just a fake facade set up along the bank of the Thames. I've heard that to maintain the illusion they've kidnapped some of the north London bloggers and forced them to keep blogging as if the north still exists.
I’m just disappointed Westminster still exists
South London very much exists - you can even find signposts to the Millenium Dome in the bizarre place that is the Westcombe Park station area!
I'm not convinced southern England still exists.
As a norf Londoner born and bred, am I bovvered
Swimming across the Thames is still allowed :-)
And you give us a daily indication that there is still life Norf of the river...
The 02 was open last week inasmuch as the World Tennis Finals were being played there

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