please empty your brain below

Wow! You've outdone yourself. This is great. I'll print this off and save for next trip to London.

Oh wow! What a wonderful bonus!

that was an amazing journey... thanks for taking us on it... i've learnt more about the place i live in the last 7 days than i have in the last 7 years...

Thanks for that amazing blogging journey...


Back in London and just caught up on 3 days of missed Westbourne posts. Brilliant DG- have the print-out . all set to go when it gets slightly warmer!

Note to self: Number of times pdf accessed during first 24 hours = 71 (which is less than 5% of readers). Of relatively narrow interest, then, I guess.

The Westbourne series was excellent. I never cease to be impressed by the sheer detail and effort you put into your posts. Thanks for a great read.

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