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5. WHS still sold cassettes at its Ricky store for some years afterwards - I remember picking up a Prefab Sprout cassette album there in about 1987.

14. I was at Villa Park that day - Watford won 1-0 with an early header from George Reilly the difference between the teams. Despite being two divisions lower Argyle made a real game of it and were unlucky not to equalise late on.

24. Good old John. His shop was the scene of many a boyhood scalping. Not sure my hair has ever recovered.
1. DGD had BBC interview-worthy football knowledge or opinions? How intriguing.

30. I thought I was the only one alive that still remembers Huckleberry's as a burger chain! I've mentioned it to peers and all it caused was bemused looks.
29: This suggests the show was not broadcast that day, so I interpret this as watching the match in the studio as it was recorded, which is much more fun. (To be fair, there's a note at the top of the page about regional variations.)
17: I initially read it as the "Blue John Craven", which made me think it was something being filmed for the 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop'.
1. The football broadcast was a 'prize' in a WFC competition. Don't think I ever heard it on BBC Radio London and wonder if it is stored somewhere in BBC archives.
24. Tortoise is still asleep in her insulated box in the garage and the cold weather is no incentive to awaken yet.
25. Yes a favourite mug, used at our Writers Group yesterday.
What a life!
1. Given DG's relationship with sport mention of BBC interview is either an April Fool or DGD's was a Watford FC legend...
14. Could that trip to Chester have been conveniently timed to avoid that FA Cup semi final?
15 - The climbable outcrop sounds like Thor's stone at Thurstaston Common.

dg writes: that's the one, updated thanks.
9. Heinz Invaders! I've not thought about those in a very long time... but reading those words I can picture what the can looked like, and can almost taste them...
22 - sorry God, we're off to worship the telly.

25 - lost a mug, got two back - perhaps someone else lost two mugs and got one back. The black lumps in the sugar might have been coffee granules.
3rd - Propaganda - a great band. Current have a CD of theirs on the go in my (old) car.
1. Would really like to know more about Dad's trip to the BBC.

dg writes: scroll up.

30. In 1975-6 my termly grant cheque was £360, of which half was used to pay hall fees. In those days the termly grant was paid at a different rate for those attending the oldest universities - don't know how long that practice lasted.
15 - About the same age I got rather "ill" after drinking an excess of cider, and 45 years later, have never touched the stuff again.
27: "I really should go back and try being a student again, I'd make such a better job of it".

28. As a local I joined the students and tourists in the Kings Head and Turf Tavern.
Until 1973 the KH had a ‘gentleman’s’ only bar with separate entrance from Holywelll st.
The TT had old coins pushed into the cracks in the ceiling timber beams!
0: Mildly fascinated this week to learn that the chip that powered the ZX81 is only now being discontinued, having been introduced in 1976.
24: Tortoise management in the current climate is a bit of a bother and occupies rather more of my time than I’d like.
So you’re an Oxford Boy. Lucky for us you didn’t end up an actor!
27. Had you gone to the pub your life may indeed have been different but not necessarily better. I always went down the pub (or the sudent bar at lunchtimes). Now I wish I had read the odd Asterix book instead.
This post is a goldmine for anyone (not be I should say) trying to do "jigsaw identification" on our esteemed host...

15: Easter break of what I assume was your first year at uni, and you're only just getting drunk for the first time?? I see what you mean by the comment on 27!

5. Every summer I’d buy a new set of Berol felt tips at the stationers in New Romney. Always a treat.

12. Surprised that railcards have increased in price below the rate of inflation.
13) Wondering if you are still in touch with UF1-4.
22) Bought my first VCR in 1984. JVC with long play for about £600.
27) Bought my first adult jacket from Burtons, Even though they are long gone many of their former stores still have the name still visible, built in to the facia fabric.

13. A friend and I went to stay at another friend's house around this time; it was the first time either of us had seen a house with corridors, and we each had our own room with en suite. We felt distinctly out of place.
27. Barely remember my student days now - it wasn't the most exciting. I think my friendship group consisted of 6, and certainly didn't include going away together! Ah well!
12. £12 quit for a Young Persons Railcard back then, day light robbery! Though they were 50% discount. Also had an offer, where if you got one you could have a free trip… anywhere. This, then Hertfordshire Lad, opted for Kyle of Lochalsh. Then realising that the free travel form just needed an official stamp, used my Rotering set to forge another… just Glasgow this time.
24. Happy (22nd) birthday to me! I didn't keep a diary at the time, so no idea how I celebrated... Though I did stay with a college friend's family around this time and they had Ceefax, and wow!
12. I had a couple of job interviews with BR which included getting sent a ticket for free travel (the old small cardboard style). I asked if I could break my journey - they said "just don't use it too many times or we'll get into trouble"
Great to see records of this period as of course I never kept a dairy, although I would have been 9 that year. I'd love to see more of this sort of thing :)

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