please empty your brain below

There's some coverage of the event (and some of the other London Prepares series) on BBC Two, this afternoon.

Incidentally, how did they handle getting spectators in and out? Did you have to wait (in the rain, potentially) to be bussed back to Pudding Mill Lane?

We were bussed in from an entry point on Leyton Road, east of Westfield. And then it was all aboard the bendy buses, through the Olympic Park and up to the Basketball Arena. Worked quite smoothly.

Raises the question whether they should include "spare days/sessions" (like they do for rowing and sailing) for an event like this. Most people would rather see it rescheduled onto another day than truncated.

We were there - sheltering under one umbrella between the two of us, sat in our seats towards the right-hand-side of the course. Basically unable to move for 2 hours to avoid getting any wetter.

But it was worth the wait - the sun, when it eventually came back, was beautiful and dried us out pretty quickly. And the racing was brilliant.

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