please empty your brain below

10: I was absolutely captivated by this flight into fiction and was bereft when the posts stopped. I really believed you might have hung up your blogging hat for good!

Can’t believe that was only 5 year in and here we are 15 years later. Many happy returns dg!
6. Please bring back the tube week, it’s what brought me here in the first place (but I love all your other content too)
Its the amazing and varied content with the well loved serials that keep so many of us coming back every day. I'd like to claim some credit for getting the data you analyse in anorak's corner published in the first place before the rail industry went back to full on secretive mode.
For me it's the variety of posts, plus those times you make a bigger impact like the image of the guy in Romford (?) after the Brexit vote or the musician that copied your photo for a painting.

It's also shows that with modern technology + the internet + discipline an individual can achieve more because you're not reliant on third parties.
Thanks, just over an hour of bookmarking and being sidetracked. Too much info for one morning. Luckly it's a Sunday.
An amazing list of topics. Interesting to learn how you actually went about it too, thanks.
5. The link to walking the new river is broken.

dg writes: fixed, thanks.
Got to keep up the run of Mikes!
6. Agree with Sidney, this series was before my time; but sounds excellent.
Please restart
I'll go back and look at some of them.
An enjoyable daily read but an even more importantly a fantastic portrait of life in London and the UK. If the hosting site holds up this will be a rich resource for future students of history and culture.
"Possibly the world's most interesting city" is quite a claim, but here's to the world's most interesting daily blog! I make that claim on not having found another whose thoughtful and entertaining jottings I enjoy each day.
To compare this blog to a garden, many of these features provided the structure for the rest of the blog.

Would love to see those that stopped (and which didn't come to a natural end) start up again.
6. Ooh, yes please.
I feel this post is worthy of a special slot in your "right hand navigation strip".

dg writes: Look, it’s already there.

And I hope you are requesting the Wayback machine to archive your site in full (at intervals), as I think it is becoming useful as a social history resource and worth preserving. Some of these long running themes would also be worth sharing as print on demand books via e.g. lulu (not for the financial gain, but to potentially trigger library inclusion)
It’s strange, I always thought it was the Olympics that brought me here but I recognise so much of your older stuff. I know I went back and started reading old posts but still - no idea when I started reading!

I feel you may well know better than me a result of me putting in my email address into the comments.
No mention of ‘Seaside Postcard’ !? 😮 My favourite type of dg post.
Never fails to delight.
This was just before I started following your blog daily (which was in July 2007) and so I had never seen this. Goodness me, I got quite gripped :-)
Thank you for this post. I've always loved the different series you've done (having discovered your blog during Random Boroughs) and so this is a lovely reminder of the great stuff you've written. It's now bookmarked and I'll reacquaint myself with some of the older posts.
Spotting a dg quiz arriving during the day is always a delight, thanks.

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