please empty your brain below

Oh really. Why bother? You can get a lot of the story and see a lot of the exhibits just by visiting the Mary Rose exhibition near Purley.

I haven't been yet but intend to go this summer.

Blue Star for Patriotism.
Quite your best effort to date

I've been twice - once when it was first hoiked up and again a couple of years ago. I find it fascinating. Channel Four had a scale model made - with all the additional amendments King Hal insisted upon. You can see what happened on 4OD here:

I love the idea of a "skeleton crew" sleeping aboard the Victory - are they the original sailors?

Anyone who has seen the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, knows how well this can be done ....

I wish you joy on St George's day DG -great stuff!

I remember the Mary Rose from schoool trips long gone, although I had no idea that they were going to dry her out. Fascinating post, and something to bear in mind if I'm down there in a couple of years time.

The new D.G. white background with red accents is very refreshing!

Maybe I'm getting old, but it seems much easier to read with a white background.

Thee BBC has a virtual tour of the Mary Rose.

"All rights reserved © 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"

How odd. I wonder why they didn't use Crown Copyright?

I love your history posts, DG.

@Kirk, re the copyright: I notice that the royal collection is org, not gov. Perhaps everything in the royal collection belongs to the monarch, strictly speaking.
The copyright statement says "No permission is granted to create any hyperlinks to any part of this website or to frame any pages or images from this website. The prior written consent of the Royal Collection must be sought by contacting the Webmaster etc." Hmmm...

I like the red and white colour scheme for St. George's Day. I think you should keep it, at least for a week.

I remember seeing the Mary Rose (well, a bit of it) years ago on a school trip. Now you mention it, I also remember that the timbers had to be kept wet to prevent them drying out.

I also remember touring the HMS Victory. As a schoolboy, the ship seemed huge, and I clearly recall being mesmerised by its significance in naval history.

Funnily enough, I've been to Portsmouth many times since that school trip, but I've haven't since seen the Mary Rose or set foot on the Victory. Perhaps I should make another visit at some point...

p.s. I hardly dare tell you there's a way to see some of what you'll find at the Mary Rose exhibition without leaving your seat. I'll tell you if you insist.

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