please empty your brain below

The London Shuffle?
Herbert's Deal?
Deal or no deal?
A pack of Geezers?
Four corners Solitaire?
London Shuffle
Day-trip Draw
Shuffle off to: (insert destination)
Hit the Deck
Pack my Bag
Places High
Suited and booted
London: What's the big deal?
I suppose Top Trumps is now a 'no no'.
This year Coming Up Trumps might be apt.
Herbert Dip
Article 50 II
Diamonds and the other 39 steps
'I Shall Punish You More Than Any Man Was Ever Punished'
(Wink Martindale fans will understand)
Herbert Dip, it's got to be!
Perhaps with the byline Shuffle Off To .... ?
DG bigs borough, and deals
The New Deal for London.
Another vote for 'Shuffle off to:'
Herbert Hops
Herbert's Poker Place

Herbert's Capital Cards
House of Travelcards
Change the logo to the card of that week.
A Suitable Travelog
Herbert's Suitability

London TravelCards

As the City of London is not really a borough, surely it should be the Joker in the pack?
Watch Out for Card Clash
Another vote here for Herbert Dip.

Looking forward to it!
London Cut
Top Deck Travels
(bonus points if you manage to instantiate the second meaning of the title by riding in the borough upstairs on a bus)
@Tim Frost ... whilst also quaffing a can of Top Deck Lemonade Shandy, maybe? May I also propose:

"DG: a few cards short of a full deck"
~ or ~
"Dealt a bad hand by Herbert"
Am I the only one not to get the references to Herbert?

London Shuffle and
Top Deck Travels are my favourites!
I can't do better than the wonderful 'Herbert's Dip'
Capital Card Trips
Yes Cornishcockney, see paragraph 3
Greater London Cribbage
DG's Travel Card (building on Kevin's above)
Multi Story Card Park?

No, another vote for Herbert Dip!
Herbert's boroughs unpacked
Diamond Dealer
Thames Trumps
Capital Cards
Decking Herbert

Or,less aggressively
Shuffling Herbert
Unpacking Herbert
Herbert Dip. Brilliant.
Doh! Thanks @Joe
Play your cards right

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