please empty your brain below

This is the genuine story, as I understand it. The tank must be (a) real; and (b) Russian rather than German. I‘ve heard some of the other elements of the story, but don’t know whether any parts of it are urban myth. Last year, the tank was painted as a tribute to the NHS, but I saw someone giving it a new livery a month or so ago.
The building in the background was once Bacon's Secondary School. No tank available when I went there.
'... and probably saw action on the streets during the Prague Spring uprising of 1968'

But on which side?
You'd think that the Council would want to see the tank's specifications before granting planning permission. Even had it been just a metal container holding some kind of liquid, that liquid might have been dangerous, and/or the tank's dimensions might have been so huge as to constitute an eyesore/obstacle/etc.
Wow! Three different tanks, all at the corner of Page's Walk and Mandela Way, SE1 for totally different reasons! What are the chances of that happening?
Blimey, three of them. Only six thousand more and we can recreate the entire Battle of Kursk in the Old Kent Road.
Tom Scott's filmed a couple of videos here and he talks about this third story. Got a new coat of paint in the last 5 years though.
In London you can wait a long time to see one tank, and then three of them turn up.
"Tom Scott's filmed a couple of videos here..."

Crikey, that's me told. Not a bluff.
Dare I admit to being a little confused? I know only one of the three at most is true, and I thought I knew which one, but I'm still not sure what point is being made.
Not sure the planning application for a tank part of the story is true. Online records go back to at least 1993 and there is no mention of the site. As others have stated the council would want to know exactly what a tank was storing before giving permission.

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