please empty your brain below

Whatever happened to Brenda? That name was once a teacher's nightmare because you could get several in one class.

How can a list for 2007 already be released - there are still 11 birthing days of the year left?!!!

Lies, damn lies, and statistics...

Sorry folks, if your children are born after mid-December they apparently don't count.

Is it just me who hears, "don't take your love to town" after the name Ruby? This is clearly going to be a big problem for me over the next 20 years...

Apart from around Stevenage, where Lewis is presumably somewhere in the top 5 this year.

Incidentally, I don't think we'll be choosing any of the ten top five names when our next one (let's call it nimbus around here) arrives next summer. Yes, that's right. My clear blue sky is going to become a little more cloudy (God willing) next year.

Hey Dave, congratulations!
And please don't choose Jayden either.

Or Mohammed (although Teddy would be OK )
Congratulations to you both Dave

just checked the top 100 list for both sexes and neither of the names we have lined up have appeared in the lists which is good news for when our one appears next year as well.

Dave, hope your missus is doing alright and congrats as well.

L's had pretty horrendous morning sickness for the last six weeks - she's been off work a lot and even signed off by the doctor for a few days. Hopefully, it will get better in the next couple of weeks, as it did the first time.

I'm not surprised Mohammed is such a popular name. I've now renamed all the teddies and other soft toys in my house Mohammed (including the Artist Formerly Known As Piglet).

There used to be a computer program used by marketeers which could create age demographics from peoples' first names. I wonder if its still around?

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