please empty your brain below

So... What's something in between "O2" and "North Greenwich Arena" that you like then? Back to 'The Dome', again?

I expect you will be gleefully taking a tube train through North Greenwich just so that you can sit there with a tape recorder and get a recording of the announcement saying "Change here for the North Greenwich Arena".

You'll cuddle yourself to sleep at night by repeated playbacks of that tape and smile contentedly as the announcer was forbidden to say "O2" ;)

"Back to 'The Dome', again?"


Maybe the medics operating during the Olympics in the NGA will be banned from administering O2 to those with breathing difficulties :)

I'm surprised Olympic organisers aren't calling it the Dome, because that was the plan three years ago. But I guess O2 have spent so much money trying to erase the 'Dome' name that they'd never allow it back, not even for a fortnight.

Oh to, be in England

Wool witch? Green witch? Foreign visitors are going to have such fun.

Is Weymouth not as far as Bisley then?

Must check a map - or a chart...


I'm loving this. Though I'd also have thought calling it 'The Dome' would have been the most logical step. Ho hum! It'll always be the Dome to me!

i agree - 02 won't want a catchy name used... otherwise we all might start using it rather than their name...

maybe it's time for a facebook campaign to get a better name than "north greenwich arena"...

I 've been reading your blog for a few months ;I ' m French , I teach English in a secondary school and we are planning a trip to London next April : I wanted to make a stop at the thames barrier : is it worth the visit ? can we walk to our next stop Greenwich Observatory , how long would it take us ? or do we have to take the boat ? give us your advice , thank you very much , Anne

if you wrote about it before can you tell me when ? thanks for sharing your infinite knowledge with your community of readers , bravo

Don't you think it will end up being called just the NGA?

Hi Anne

I think the Thames Barrier is worth visiting and it is possible to walk from there to Greenwich but it will take at least an hour. If I had a party of schoolchildren I would catch the Thames Clipper ferry outside the O2/Dome/North Greenwich Arena and get off at Cutty Sark.

Enjoy your trip.

Surely they should call it "The Dome"?

Is North Greenwich Arena a blander name than Canada Hockey Place (the Olympics-sanitized name of General Motors Place in Vancouver)? I feel like it isn't. Canada Hockey Place is incredibly dull. It simply tells you that it's a place where they play hockey in Canada.

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