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I'm not a bus person, but I feel strangely proud to have encountered this Superloopertrooper LT132 last Wednesday, driving behind it all the way from Pratt's Bottom to Bromley Common. Any points on offer?
Whizz. I'm miffed that all the new Superloop routes have 12 min frequencies whereas the well-used trusty old ex-X26 is only 15, even if that's a doubling of previous. Perhaps a contractual thing, but it now stands out as a glaring anomaly and they really ought to up it.
None of these routes are using new buses, but leftovers from cutbacks elsewhere. The newest are three years old (21 reg), running on the SL9 and SL10. The oldest are 14 years old (59 reg) on the SL7. Average age is 7. The "New" Routemasters' ages are disguised by their Northern Ireland registrations, but are all now between 7 and 12 years old.
I was surprised to see our SPOD minute taker complaining about spider maps and timetables like one of those 40 year old elderly folks. As Rizzo said anyone who can't be bothered to download an app deserves to be confused.
Between Sidcup Stn. and Abbey Wood Stn. the SL3 just serves the 3 stops around Bexleyheath - so it looks like a clear attempt to get disaffected Southeastern passengers to the Elizabeth Line.

The only thing listed for 2nd March on the TfL site are the Croydon/Sutton changes - with big and small amendments compared with the consultation.

9th March is rumored as the start date for the SL2, Barking (which will operate the SL2) loses the 325 from 2nd March, this gives one week of route training.

Oh mate no, SL2 starts next Sat.
I really want Tokker to be his surname, and their first name is actually “Tik”.
Rizzo - we'll see, TfL published the SL3 introduction on their site w/e Friday 16 February, I'm surprised the 325 operator change isn't shown either, perhaps they'll do an update tomorrow (Monday) - but why leave it so late.
I feel both seen and insulted at the same time.
I see the interior and exterior map designers have chosen to work from the opposite ends of the route.
A couple of lads I was sitting beside (at the front of course) on the way back from Thamesmead were planning the rest of their day.

Bearing in mind they had already done the trip from Bromley North they were planning on catching the SL5 to Croydon, then the 405 to Redhill. A bit of a marathon.

Every bus I passed on the way back had camera phones glued to the window, in some cases 2 camera phones per bus.
It's refreshing to view it through the excited young eyes of future MWLB.
What does SPOD stand for?
Could you organise a sweepstake for the total time to do a complete circuit when the final Superloop route is in place?

And will you be one of the first people to attempt it?
If the explanation of SPOD was given, I missed it.
Re SPODs: I gave up guessing and used the search box, which led to the post of 24 January 2014.
This route would have been a lot more interesting if Chislehurst Water Tower hadn't been demolished.
I can't believe you know the actual BusTokker09!
Bob L-S Many thanks.
Not what I'd been trying to guess, which began well with Superloop and rapidly diminished after that
I've tried using google Translate but still can't head nor tail of these comments. Which is probably a good thing.
There's currently a large tree blocking New Road forcing the SL3 to divert via McLeod Road instead.
Thanks for the steer Bob L-S. I couldn't do better than Smart People One Day which didn't seem quite right.
Sad Person On Deck?
Simple People Only Do?
See Perfection One Day?
Superloop Perverts Onanism Delivers?

I dunno. I give up!
This video from Riku Fryderyk should give you some idea what an SL3 journey packed with young enthusiasts was like.

My ride was quieter - the entourage were about 5 years older - but all I changed about Mason and KJ's banter was their names.
Rizzo is me in my Red Rover-riding days.
Those white upper decks make them look like something from the 1950s.
How much better the NRMs look without the black ‘sweep’ across the lower front.
Spod is not a word invented by DG, though his 2014 capitalised version is a fine bactronym. The wisdom of the internet seems to date it to the 80s, etymology unknown
Who will be the first big name transport blogger / YouTuber to do the complete loop in one go I wonder?
Slight correction but the Superloop will be complete when the SL4 (Grove Park - Canary Wharf) launches which is next year. SL4 is dependent on the opening of Silvertown Tunnel.
Oh mate, the SL4 won’t even link up, none of the crew’s taking it serious.

The Loop completes with the SL2, end of.
I've been back for a ride on a weekday now the first day tourists have gone.

I can confirm that the SL3 is quite speedy in the absence of heavy traffic, that passenger numbers are low but not abysmal, and that northbound buses do indeed spend a couple of minutes whizzing along the A2.
How I used to wish my bus home would be operated by the Boris Bus when I was at Beths, and to see one go through the village.

Would have made boarding the bus a lot easier! Although of course now it's been a few years since I've had any concerns about that...
TfL have added the SL2 today, confirmed for 2nd March - but why wait until 29th February before publicising it?

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