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I will also miss the Routemasters driving along past Mile End station. One morning there were three in a row at the traffic lights. It takes a lot to make people stop and stare in Mile End but there were lots of pictures being taken and they made a fine sight.

For selfish reasons I don't welcome the extension of the 205. Starting at Mile End meant iy was the one bus on which I might actually get a seat. Now I shall have to fight DG for the last space...all the more so this weekend as everyone piles on to Stepney Green (another top secret station closure....shhhh, don't tell anyone)

"Off will come the "BW" plate outside the driver's cab, "

I'm sure that one of your well-connected readers could restore that plate to its rightful owner (ie me), right?

Did you know that one of the roads on the housing development built on the old West Ham bus garage in Plaistow is called Routemaster Close ? Thought you would like that.

I have to agree with you about the RM, seeing one always makes me smile. There's something defiant and quintessentially London about seeing them still on the roads, despite all the efforts to the contrary.

If only we could have done the same with Concorde.

Of course the extension of the 205 to Bow, in service, in order to turn in Bow Garage, was an East London Buses iniative and nothing to do with TFL.

I personally won't miss the last part of the route. I made the mistake of trying to get to Hyde Park Corner from Chancery Lane the other evening and worked out that door-to-door I could have walked to my destination quicker. My fault for being naïve, I suppose, and for being too darned tight to shell out an extra 60p for the tube...

Always liked the way the number 8 cut through the middle of Mayfair - as if any residents would use it. Btw wikipedia says that 8 is being curtailed to "increase the frequency of buses in the Bethnal Green area"

TFL's press release says that the N8 will run from Hainault - Oxford Circus and back not Liverpool Street as you mention above. I'm so mistrusting of TFL and you are usually spot on that I'm not sure who to believe.

As a Leytonstone resident, a N8 starting at Liverpool Street would be brilliant as it's easy to get a 214 from Camden to Liverpool St but the N8 is often full when it gets there.

BTW - I'm Mark, long time lurker, first time poster. Your blog is my favourite blog, it's the first one I read every evening.

Hi Mark, and thanks for de-lurking.

We're both right.
TfL are right that the N8 will run between Hainault and Oxford Circus.
And I'm right, because if you're at Victoria, you'll not be able to get further east than Liverpool Street (on the N11).

Indeed, I did check. I was sure there was another nightbus from Victoria that went out east but there isn't. There really should be though!

@pavlov's cat - much as I'd love to see it, I think having Concorde on the roads would really clog up London's traffic...

Be warned that the C2 is taking a more southerly track on its way to Victoria, which means that New Bond Street and Davies Street lose their bus service.

Maybe they should extend the 8 back to Willesden and swallow up the 98 (I note that none of the ex-Routemaster routes have been re-extended to make up for the cutbacks made to them in the 1980s).

And just to give DG a moment of nostalgia here is a route 8 before it went to Victoria.

Aw, they're extending the 205? It's already crap! Now it will no doubt be even crapper ( I use it between Paddington and KX. Every 7-10 minutes? HA!) Sorry, that's a bit of a rant of mine =)

I had no idea until today that there were still RM's in sevice in London. We've got three or four in Toronto that are used for tourist sightseeing (they're the open-top versions), but they always look very out of place -- they were never part of the transit stock here so don't fall into the local memory, and of course, they're right-hend-drive.

No posting today (Friday). Farrah Fawcett, Whacko Jacko AND DG????

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