please empty your brain below

Thank you DG,for your account of what looks like a fascinating day out. I think I must try to get down to Folkestone soon. 👍🏻
That is a genuinely cracking day out - love the remembered lamppost, great concept.
Halfway to Heaven - a metaphor for those of us who are cursed/blessed with longevity, 'they all left and it was just me'.

Like the lamp post idea, your photo inadvertently gives the impression that the lamp post on the extreme right is a giant one standing in the trees in the background - perhaps an idea for 2020.
Excellent! Duly noted for next year - when I hope the weather will also be just as fab!

dg writes: not 2018, nor 2019, but 2020.
(or the next six weeks)

Thanks DG - and belated thanks for highlighting the Southeastern offer, I used it last Sunday and had a lovely afternoon out in Whitstable. Was pleasantly surprised that it was valid on HS1, ideal for a north Londoner like me! Might try and use it next weekend to go to Folkestone, looks like the art is worth a trip for sure.
I'm old enough to have used the railway to the old terminal. The train would stop at the top and then reverse down the steep line through the town and across to waiting ferry.

And I stayed in Folkestone once when the Chunnel was being built. On Saturday night it was like Dodge City with 10,000 constructors on the lash.
A bit quieter now it seems!
I was there too! Having taken note of your previous mention of the Southeastern Trains offer, I had a day trip to Folkestone as well.
I was too late to see the Coronation Parade Gorm before high tide, due to drinking champagne at the lighthouse. However, it was accessible again, after high tide, at around 5pm.
Here's what you could have seen:

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