please empty your brain below

Lucky there wasn't a paragraph that started: "I came round to find myself lying across a surprisingly boggy part of the footpath. When I looked at my watch I realised I had been unconscious for 27 minutes and around 12.5 seconds. My head throbbed and I couldn't focus my eyes....". Hope you have learned a useful lesson.
Borehamwood, Shenley?
Season ticket, driving licence, luncheon vouchers, keys, pen, pencil, wristwatch, handkerchief, mobile, bicycle clips, fully clothed, wallet. Its Diamond Geezer without proper nouns, meanings, consequences, precise timing and hydration. I'm thinking will this comment box be crowded or thinly populated?
checked on the scales and noted that I now weighed three pounds less than I had that morning

Why it is why, if you are keeping a very detailed record of your weight changes, you should only weigh yourself first thing in the morning immediately after going to the toilet.

Pretty obviously if you drink a litre of water your weight goes up by 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) so the reverse happens. If you fail to drink a litre of water when you should have you will have lost a kilo compared to what you probably should be in order to be sufficiently hydrated.

If you have very accurate scales the effect of going to the toilet can be revealing too.
I do, of course, weigh three pounds more this morning, i.e. exactly the same as this time yesterday.
On my long walks I always take a sandwich (I'm counting my calories so I prefer to know I've got something with me that's not going to destroy that) and a couple of small cans of fizzy pop. I can't drink from a can and walk at the same time, so this enforces at least three breaks (can, lunch, can) where I have to sit down for a few minutes. I've found that my legs will go much further that way, even if the breaks are just short.

So I'm rarely on the lookout for places selling things. What I do lack, however, are toilets. Being of the female variety, and with rather more in the way of "worrying what people will think" than is good for me, it's not as simple as finding a hedge. So sometimes, alas, I end up being careful on how much liquid I consume, because I'm never sure when I'm going to be able to expel the spare...
What Waterhouse said.
I once walked a lost river with DG. I had a tea at the start and two newsagents stops along the way. Can concur that DG had nothing except a look on his face that said "really? stopping for sustinence again?". :-)

(Walked 6 miles along a canal yesterday, had a bottle of water, another bottle of water, a tea and an ice-cream).
I agree with Mightymouse - being a female it's mostly the lack of loos in the countryside which means I don't carry drinks either.
Luckily I seem to have camel tendencies so can happily walk without liquid refreshment on the normal London day.
But during hot weather (if I remember and have anything available) I will take a bottle to sip from if the need takes me. But even then I usually return home with it still half full.
Should have been written on parchment.
I've a dry sense of humour.
Why are you so obsessed by not drinking coffee?
I'm with Mightymouse and Cornish Cockney! Can't use a hedge or tree and with so many public loos being closed down, it's either watch the liquid intake or go for the obvious- plan your route with lots of stops at 'watering holes'. They always provide a loo for us ladies-all be it not ultra clean!
Can't say anything beyond what Waterhouse has already said. Tut tut, DG.
No really, this is nothing unusual.

Today for example I had a cup of tea at 9am, went out for the day, came home, and had a cup of tea at 4pm. No drinks inbetween.

It might sound extreme but I've been doing it for years, often for longer.

It may not be normal, but I am not going to collapse unconscious for lack of fluids.
Don't get the whole "being female/us ladies" trail of it that it "expected" that some/all men/gents just "release fluid" around a tree or hedge like animals? Is it sexism I woonder...
As it's Ramadan now you are probably doing exactly the right thing...
Romford (bus) Havering-atte-Bower (walk) Brentwood?
H atte Bower was visited recently? the high bits of London boroughs viz Havering..?
I used to take a can or two of drink with me on a walk but stopped doing so when I found I actually liked finding a place to take a stop more than dragging the weight of the cans around
One potential ailment made more likely by lack of liquid intake over time -- not mentioned already -- is the dreaded kidney stone. (Pepys had one.) I learned my lesson last year when afflicted, and have now boosted my intake to minimise the chance of recurrence.
It's fascinating getting an insight into how other people's physiologist work. Don't you get crippling headaches after a few miles of sun and no fluid? I demand a refund on my pathetic body.

dg writes: I don't get crippling headaches after even a dozen miles of sun and no fluid. Having said that, my body is pathetic in other ways.

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