please empty your brain below

The May 2010 figures are "so far", obviously.

hmmm... i was about to comment exactally that point!!!

Possibly people visiting and not commenting are because (a) lack of time or (b) whatever comment would have been made has been voiced already!

I do love your blog, DG, but am frequently squeezed for time. Like now. *dashes off, late again*

"Notify me of followup comments via email (Feature back soon)"

Might have something to do with it?

Funnily enough I was thinking I have commented for three days in a row after a long period where I felt I had nothing to add. As there were few other comments that means I made four out of the seventeen comments made (and some were by you anyway!). Before looking at this post I wondered if there would be anything I would think would be worth commenting on. Four days in a row !

Perhaps your 'editorial' policy (deletion/editing of comments) puts some people off?

Of course, Blue Witch, this policy would have only started putting people off in 2010.

I've noticed fewer comments lately too, though.

That 'policy' has been happening since 2003 Babs...

Perhaps it has only become evident recently as people have read other comments on it, but it's not a new thing.

But yes, comments are down on blogs generally I think. Too many choices, too little time, too little desire to make a contribution and be a visible part of the community...

Nothing of value to add, just thought you might like a number bump.

Noticed it too, and probably something to do with the fact that 75% of my readers now access the blog via a feed of some sort.

Hi DG I can see the problem where you must feel some days as if you are writing with no response. I am a daily and appreciative reader but very rarely comment. This is because I find your posts interesting and comprehensive but usually about places or issues where I am unable to contribute anything useful.

Be assured that there is a silent majority who are very appreciative of your blog but don't add comments (because we are normally silent!). Keep up the good work.

Maybe if you posted more about kittens there would be more comments?

Debster: Or finish every post with "Then I was sick inna hedge" or "I am not mad"

I think the number of visitors is more important than the number of comments. Like others, I visit almost every day, but only occasionally feel the need to comment.

And the comments do tend to be of a pretty high quality anyway. Rather few but interesting than lots but pointless.

What isn't charted on the graphs is the content of the blog posts for the months in question.

Very difficult to quantify, but surely the biggest driver of comment volume?

Like you, I'm not a native of London, and am surprised reading your blog at how much of it I haven't seen despite living here for the last 30 years. And like so many of the other commenters, I read you daily but rarely feel I can add to your words of wisdom. However, I shall make the effort and see if we can reverse the decline. Thank you!

I'd just like to say, "Good luck, we're all counting on you."

Is that figure unique visitors or just visits and does it include web-bots and search-o-trons?

Also, LOL@Scaryduck.

I haven't been able to post any comments recently, due to finding myself in the same situation as befell DG just before Christmas.
Unfortunately I just haven't had the spirit to find things to write.
To be entirely honest, I've got to express some admiration to DG for the fact he held on to his.

Baldassaro: "I think the number of visitors is more important than the number of comments."

.....but a few comments does show we have read the post! Could there be a comprehension question at the end of each post?

It's funny I was thinking that comments seemed to be fewer recently, but a lot of the posts were about the election and the East London line this month, so maybe people didn't have anything new to add.
Love this blog though. It's my first port of call when I get time on the computer.

@Steve Barker: A comprehension question at the end of each post? I hope to god you're joking.

DG: Your page automatically opens up every time I boot up my browser. Depending on how you count, technological advances may be causing this new total. Oh, and we are now going to Ipswich on Sunday - but as a family!

Yours is, IMO, the best of the London blogs. Most of it's relevant to me because I live nearby, I read it at least once a week, but I seldom comment... why?... not sure, I think I just find your posts really informative/amusing/whatever but don't think I have anything to add. I could put "another good post, thanks" every time, but that would be pretty dull.

I think there are a couple of general reasons why people are commenting less on blogs -
a) With the advent of Facebook and Twitter and suchlike, people are less likely to go to a blog just to add a comment or for a bit of a chat. I've really noticed this on two other blogs I'm involved in, which have lost their sociable side to a large extent over the last year or so.
b) Blogs have been around a while now, and the sheer fun of typing in something and seeing your thoughts on the internet has long ago turned into taking it all for granted!

Drat, now I regret not making that comment on your post about Brockley. :) DG, as others have so eloquently said, yours is the first spot I visit when I go online each day. even I have to slightly squint if I'm using my phone. I'm not that chatty back - I don't necessarily have anything of much value to add - but that doesn't mean you are not being read.

Thanks for the blog, DG. Interesting that Stephen Fry turns his comments off on the same day...

I really enjoy your blog. I am from the States and went across the pond to visit London for the first time in Sept 2009. Found your blog shortly thereafter. I access your blog through Google Reader which saves me much time. It seems many bloggers don't even want comments and sometimes it takes so long to access or find the comments it's just not worth it. I hope you will continue to blog because it is one of my favorites! And in the future, I will try not to be such a lurker!

The drop in volume of comments has been very noticable this month - I put it down to elections... It just didn't feel normal when I was actually the first to comment on a post...

(data now updated to the end of the month)

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