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Applause: job well done and well related.
When they say "London's poorest Boroughs" what do they actually mean?

The borough councils themselves or the people that live there. It is an often misused term. The other one is "deprived". I live in one of those boroughs, I'm certainly not deprived or poor and is TH council deprived or poor?
Well done DG. I think I can observe a slight irritation with your self-imposed rule about not crossing the boundary. Although being as you are, we could be sure that once you had imposed the rule, you would stick to it. And it has produced some interesting observations in roads you would probably not have otherwise gone down.

But I suspect that any future boundary walk that you undertake may well have slightly more nuanced parameters.
You often mention how much easier and more interesting the other side of the boundary is. I wonder how much longer, and more (or less) interesting, would your tour have been if your self-imposed rule had been to stay OUTSIDE the boundary (as you did when circumnavigating Greater London by bus). (And yes, I do realise that would have involved the Woolwich ferry!)
That was a great read DG and made even better by having to stick inside the boundary. 20 miles on a sunny summer's day deserved more than a cuppa ! Nice one!
Well done! That was quite a trek, but a gem just the same.
Very enjoyable read.Could this be the start of a series? How about The City or perhaps Newham next?

dg writes: Already done the City :)
One day I'll get fed up with the detour, and try balancing across the top of Carpenters Lock.

When the army were guarding the towpath I did squeeze along the narrow footpath on the A12 to Bow Roundabout to avoid the massive detour. So I guess I have a reckless streak, or really dislike detours.

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