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Why isn't your blog abuot buses this morning?
Interesting piece, for a hockey follower such as myself. Would be useful to know the easiest ways to get to the Centre by public transport. This is supposed to be the new national hockey stadium (after the predictable failure of the Milton Keynes site), but I wonder how many hockey supporters will make the trek? They're not easy to motivate at the best of times.

dg writes: Here you go... [how to get here]
Are the foot bridges fully open now from the East Marshes into the main part of the park?
I do a daily cycle around the Olympic park, and have been waiting a long time for the last section to open so I can join it up to Hackney Marshes. Now makes for a very enjoyable bike ride! Thanks for letting me know!
Ah, a proper Legible London map of some of the park!
Shame the park's on website still has that 3D monstrosity...

I think I might go for a wander up there at lunchtime, but I suspect that the new routes to the Marshes still won't give me a way to work that avoids the Eastway.
To answer your question about why people pay the £6 for the MTB circuit. The signs! Everywhere! Asking you to pay before cycling. Surely us Brits are too polite to go on for free? :)
I didn't see any signs, I haven't seen any signs, are they new? Or are they only south of the A12?
I saw plenty on both sides of the A12 - generally where the trail crosses over a footpath, there's a laminated sheet of A4 politely (but firmly) pointing out that the course isn't free, and providing directions on where to pay for a wristband.

North of the Eastway, the posts with direction signs to the trails had been adorned with indignant marker-pen messages along the lines of "how dare you tell us where we can and can't walk - this is metropolitan open land".

There's also a large gap in the fence around the East Marshes which joggers were making full use of.
one of said signs

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