please empty your brain below

If you like this sort of thing I strongly recommend a visit to the Welwyn Roman baths which are in a tunnel under the A1M . Not the easiest of places to get to by public transport but well worth the visit for the low key presentation and well-informed amateur guides museumservice/aboutyourvisittowelwynromanbaths

I hadn't heard of this or of Welwyn roman baths. Thanks a lot for drawing them to my attention - I shall definitely make a visit to both. A real demonstration of why DG is so valuable...

And let's not forget the rather good Verulamium Roman Museum in St. Albans.

Another one, also well worth a visit, is Lullingstone Roman Villa, which is near the Kent village of Eynsford.\\_Roman\\_Villa

(Visitors there also get the opportunity to see Lullingstone Castle and Eagle Heights (not to mention a pretty impressive red brick viaduct, which takes the railway across the Darent Valley))

I wonder what will stand here 1800 years from now. Impossible for us to foresee, just as the villa's occupants could never have foreseen Orpington station

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