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And thanks, Johnny, for giving me the tip-off that I was mentioned in the bibliography.
My family goes back to the Hatton Garden area. My late mother was born in Leather Lane (runs parallel to Hatton Gardens) back in 1913.
A very enjoyable post DG, thank you. I lived round the corner for six months in 2010 and loved to wander down Hatton Garden when quiet just to imagine the boom and bustle of yesteryear. I look forward to seeing your take on the area.
It is a very enjoyable book. And I can vouch that the app works remarkably well. If you wander out of a particular area, it remembers where the commentary broke off and resumes from that point when you return.
Great recommendation. I'll look out for it.
How about a blog on streets & areas named after precious jewels & metals, for example Silvertown. Awhile ago there was a book entitled 'Shakespeare on Silver Street'. He was a tenant of a family, living there and became embroiled in a court case involving them, being summoned as a witness.
At the risk of appearing slightly nit-picky, Silvertown wasn't actually named for the metal but for the proprietor of a local rubber works, Samuel Winkworth Silver.

Gotta love Chambers' London Gazetteer...
There's one Christmas gift sorted well in advance, thanks for the recommendation and congrats on the mention!
It's a given that the jewellery trade is predominantly Jewish but to have suggested the area around Hatton Garden became what it is today as result of 'Jews escaping from occupied Europe' could imply that there was a surge beginning around the mid to late 1920's.
Are you saying (or is the author saying) it's really as recent as that, that Hatton Garden started to establish itself, in terms of its precious stones and metals trade?
(My guess would have been that the trade [and the community] there went back much further than that). I'm interested.
Wikipedia reckons Hatton Garden has been at the centre the jewellery trade since medieval times, but gives no specific references for that. I'm not sure that is quite right as it is outside the city walls (Newgate) although inside Holborn Bars. If pressed, I'd have said Cheapside or thereabouts.

This web page is interesting on the history -
Mrs Cohen's Kosher Cafe - what an absolutely superb name.
Thanks, Andrew
I'd love to hear what you have to say about Hatton Garden, DG, as I work there, though in nothing diamond-related at all... I's an odd street...
The book's on our Christmas list, we're waiting for the paperback. My father was a Hatton Garden jeweller for best part of 50 years. His workshop was on the third floor of a rickety building with the only water a cold tap on the landing. All very un-H&S, but the dust was meticulously sifted each evening for the tiniest scraps of gold or platinum. He did wander the streets with precious gems in his pockets to see if they would work in different 'settings' and they really were traded on a word. He arrived in London in early 1938, but had fellow craftsmen (for craftsmen they were) who only got out due to Mr Schindler - a fact my father did not discover until the film came out.
The paperback came out a couple of months ago, you'll be pleased to hear.

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