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sp. As befitting one so rich, Karren has more than her fair share of 'r's.

dg writes: sp fixed, ta.
It's a shame that despite having the time to do it properly the LLDC ended up in a position where only a significant grant of public money would stop the stadium staying empty. Not quite what was promised back in 2005!

Just wondering but surely West Ham will profit considerably from the sale of Upton Park? If so I imagine they are feeling rather pleased with themselves at this agreement.
I (very much) like football, and West Ham is my favourite London team but I can't see why taxpayers' money should be spent on refurbishing professional sports venues. Aren't there more pressing priorities?
pepe - I think it's a case of speculate to accumulate
DG, you already had a local club. If the Olympic Park is less than a mile from your home, then Brisbane Road and Leyton Orient are only a little father away.

Orient, as their owner Barry Hearne never misses an opportunity to point out, will be the big losers in this.

But there is another sporting loser in all this who seem to be forgotten, and that is Crystal Palace stadium, the current home of British athletics. I cannot see there surviving as a sporting venue for much longer once the Olympic Park reopens.
The Olympic Stadium has already hoovered up next summer's Diamond League athletics meeting, which would otherwise have taken place at Crystal Palace.

There is definitely a risk that the Olympic Park succeeds at the expense of sucking the life out of other parts of London.
I was going to point out that Karen was still wrong, but I now see that she isn't, after googling.
I bet that when most people see London's tenth-tallest structure, they still think of it as the Post Office Tower. Not BT Tower.

Equally, I'll wager that the Olympic Stadium will be known as that for decades to come, however it's relabelled.

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