please empty your brain below

*Mentally smacks self on head*

The old answer at the bottom of the page trick, oh very good.

Gawd Blimey O'Riley - that made me laugh - still laughing - but there has been drink taken.

I trust the amusingly named Coventry Climax fork-lift truck was adequately covered in in the trasport museum,dg. Coincidentally, feminist and Sylvia Pankhurst fan, Germaine Greer,who wants Frank Zappa's G-Spot Tornado played at her funeral, was a lecturer in English at Warwick University in Coventry for a few years.
Great post as usual,by the way.

Coventry is probably the ugliest city I've ever visited.

Bottom of the're evil.

There are indeed some beautiful pockets of the city and some incredibly ugly parts. The postwar rebuilding was just criminal.

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