please empty your brain below

Well done, H Kays. Well done.

Thanks for the vicarious walk, DG. An interesting commentary, as usual.
Hayden Kays should have used brass screws.
Arlington House: the cladding?

dg writes: Doesn’t have any.

I think the flat could use a balcony, but it's otherwise pleasant. At least the windows look like they open fully.
That flat does look nice, though I wonder how noisy Dreamland would be when back to operating as normal. Having never been I can't say how many of its attractions might give thrill-seekers cause to scream!
I think I and a couple of friends did the same walk as you on the same day, dg! From Ramsgate to Margate. We spent too long farting around in Broadstairs though and it was almost dark when we got to Margate. Would recommend to people to start at Broadstairs for the optimal relaxed coastal walk!

Did you see the Antony Gormley statue outside? We had a great view of it because of the then low tide.
So, I'm glad I didn't ask my question with the first post, so it seems that Ramsgate would be the more pleasant place to go for a weekend away, rather than Margate (even with the Turner museum), not considering Broadstairs. When life returns to normal that is...
Your usual informative and entertaining take on things. Thanks.

Blimey, when I went to Margate a few days after you, from a distance I thought that tower block was abandoned! Brutalist just doesn't do it justice.

My wife has childhood memories of walking out of Margate Station and crossing the road to the beach -- which is brilliant I admit. But that's it.

Otherwise time has not been kind to Margate. It was summed up for me by the closed amusement arcade ('thank you for your custom over the years') next to a closed Dreamland.

There is a fantastic book written about Margate and Thanet called 'All the Devils Are Here' by David Seabrook. A very strange but fascinating book.
Yes great book Johnny for the more esoteric side of Thanet. Many happy childhood memories of the cliff top walk to Margate from Broadstairs. My father said that Watford F C would stay at a hotel on the North Foreland before an important match so they could benefit from some of the refreshing clean sea air. I believe the area was also used as a place for children from London with respiratory problems to come and convalesce in the 50s and 60s
I've been told the Walpole Bay tidal pool is the largest in the UK FWIW.

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