please empty your brain below

I was at a similar event in Cambridgeshire yesterday, presenting the trophies. It's a day I always look forward to, village life personified.

Oh god spot on, I was at our village show yesterday and now I don't even need to bother to write it up. I think our tea was better though.

Can I have a glass of 'sqaush' please? Sounds very exotic for rural Norfolk!

Lovely. Some things never change, eh?

One of those things where it doesn't even matter that we don't know the name of the village...

Ever seen the Curse of the Were-Rabbit? "We're simple folk! We live for that competition!"

And I'll be judging the cookery classes at the show in the next village next Saturday. I'll spend two hours tasting everything from pizza and sponge cakes to jam and pickles, and then they'll give me an enormous lunch. And, probably, a pot plant to say thank you.

We had ours on Sunday. My partner won "best photograph with a horticultural theme", and I successfully bidded for the Best Victoria Sponge in the auction that took place after the prize giving. Lovely event. Blogged it for the village website, with photos of each category.

I loved your photo-report, mike... the entire event perfectly preserved for the future. That Tony's a tough grower to beat! Hope the sponge was delicious... it looked it.

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