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I was there yesterday afternoon and was thinking about your post last month whilst reading the message "Check destination on front of train".
Don't worry, it'll probably/ maybe sorted with the subsurface lines (SSL) resignalling which should/ might be complete any decade soon.
How do you know where the train is really going please? The destination specified on the front of the train?

There are obviously two competing scenarios at play here:

1) They are fed up with you doing your brilliant, and never sarcastic, posts on what they are doing wrong - and are taking this opportunity to wind you up - having implemented this interim step en route to solving this problem.

2) They really are that hopeless now, and will soon(ish), correct what they thought was the solution en route to solving this problem.

Sadly, we will never know which was the right one!
I think there is just a loose wire somewhere. Such things frequently happen to machinery that I attempt to fix. It behaves perfectly for a while, then starts going flaky the minute I turn my back on it. I am often seized with the intention to "just turn it off", but as soon as I make that decision, but before I implement it, it has a spell of working properly. Doubtless this is what happened, but DG happened not to be around to witness this episode.

dg writes: Doubtless this is not what happened.
I think we have found our new Bus stop M!
The thing I've often wondered is, why does the (usually empty, mostly used for alighting) eastbound platform merit two displays whereas the (usually busy) westbound only gets one, which from most parts of the platform is hidden behind pillars?
The electronic Next Train Indicators at Bow Road were installed 12 years ago today.

Here's my report from 2005 when they were first switched on...

Friday 24th June 2005
The new 'next train' indicator on the eastbound platform now displays a destination which is not necessarily the destination of the next train.

Tuesday 28th June 2005
Yesterday it was displaying 'Upminster' no matter what the destination of the next eastbound train, even if that train was only going as far Dagenham East, Barking or Plaistow. Which is a bit rubbish.

Oh, and...

Sunday 16th October 2005
Overnight some Metronet gibbon has installed a new "next train" indicator halfway down the eastbound platform (between the 6th and 7th pillars). Presumably this is because you can't see the first "next train" indicator from halfway down the eastbound platform because it's obscured by pillars. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be standing precisely between the 6th and 7th pillars on the eastbound platform, it's impossible to see the new "next train" indicator because it's completely obscured (by pillars). The only passengers with a really clear view of the new "next train" indicator on the eastbound platform are those standing on the westbound platform, which is a fat lot of good for all concerned.

I never understood why the next train indicators are not positioned over the tracks. There all would have a uninterrupted view off the indicator. If the indicator was also on an arm that can be rotated to go over the platform for maintenance everyone would be happy.
I assume that if they'd left the old lightboxes there, they'd display exactly the same wrong information?
What I blogged back in 2005 suggested that the old lightbox was correct (but I might well have been mistaken in that assumption).
I note that indicators have just been installed at Wood Lane, but I've not checked accuracy, probably because any destination suits me (in fact, I wonder how many people would be going from that far west to that far east on the Circle/H&C?). Anyhow, it's been a while since I've heard the old 'communal' announcement saying that the train has left Hammersmith and in how many minutes it will be arriving at the next three stops. Always felt that had a gentle quaintness about it :-)
@EskimoPie: Actually I do just that - in the summer months to avoid the tubular furnace that is the Central Line, I get the H&C all the way from Bow Road to Wood Lane and vice versa, so for the return journey I care very much as to whether it's an H&C or a Circle due next. Unfortunately the announcements make no distinction between the two - I've not yet used it since the new indicators went in, so fingers crossed...
If you don't want to sit at a station at ten to midnight in order to check what the PIS says, it's worth noting that the TfL website has live feeds which use the same feed as the PIS displays, "Check front of train" and all!
Dunno about eastbound but westbound at Mile End is equally hopeless (and has been for the last two or three years that I have been changing there). Confusingly, it often changes the order of wrong destinations before the arrival of the trains. That is to say, the trains are still incorrectly described but are presented in a different sequence.
I often take the first train to Aldgate East and wait there for the correct train and the westbound board there is similarly unhelpful but in a slightly different way. It often has no destination at all, just sayin "westbound trains"

It would certainly be better to just switch off these boards until they are repaired.

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