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I heard that Warwick Avenue is the only station on the London Underground without a surface building. I don't know if that is true but I'm sure you or some of your tube loving readers can correct me if I am wrong.
You heard wrong, Barry, there are at least 20.
Well you learn something new every day. I got that incorrect fact when the song by Duffy came out, so either wherever I read it had it wrong or I misremembered what I read.
Observation Kiosk? LOL. It's actually a phone box for the internal telephone system.
It's a funny thing about underground railways, one goes through places (as I have these) thousands of times but never 'knows' them, other than observing the pax who get on and off. I actually have never liked the green and white tiling, it reminded me of hospitals.
that list isn't complete - St Pauls is missing for a start
my website doesn't claim that the list is complete! Knew I might have missed one or two. Will add St. Paul's. any others timbo?
DG, did you do a 'busiest stations' post in 2012? I can only find your earlier ones.

dg writes: Yes, here.
@ Geofftech, what about Knightsbridge?
Interesting list from Geofftech, but if Marylebone, Charing Cross and Vauxhall are included, then should some of the other National Rail stations, particularly termini also be on the list. I am not a regular user of the Underground but from memory at all of Victoria, Euston, Liverpool Street, St Pancras, Paddington - Praed Street (and maybe others) you have to descend from the main station concourse to the Underground ticket office.
Apologies for the continued digression, but geofftech: I have a suggestion for "Tube Stations that have no exit barriers". It's possible to get on/off the westbound platform at Euston Square without going through barriers by using the lift (there's a self touch just next to it). Perhaps the only zone 1 station that applies to?
thanks all for the suggestions, Jim that is *brilliant* about Euston Square! am going there now to go investigate...

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