please empty your brain below

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday dg!

Fun fact: 58 is equal to the sum of the first 7 primes.
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday dg !
Happy Birthday dg.

I hope you have a great day and thank you for your wonderful daily blog.
78 definitely isn't old. It does have the advantage that I can truthfully say 'I'm nearly 80' when dealing with large organisations, eg British Gas about repairs, or the NHS when I don't want to attend a faraway Blood Test Centre not easily served by public transport. I actually got a home visit from a phlebotomist.
Happy birthday dg, and may there be many more.
HB2u. Where do I queue for cake? No paper plates or plastic forks I trust
Happy Birthday!
What's the significance of the 06:04 post time again? I can't recall the meaning.
Happy birthday! And many happy returns.
Sending all best wishes for a very happy birthday dg
Happy birthday dg.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday young man!
Happy birthday, guess you will be celebrating on the 58 bus route.

dg writes: guess again.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday dg.

E11, possibly 06:04 was the delivery time.
Happy, happy birthday
Happy Birthday, dg.
Best wishes for a Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday, dg!

I've found that feeling of vertigo as the numbers climb just gets more intense every year, but as you say, making the anniversary is better than the alternative.

Thanks for your 'public body of work' a worthwhile monument to our times akin to the Mass Observation Diaries of yore. When it comes to making the movie, who is going to play you?
I must have been in my mid 40s when I started reading your blog. Last week I finally got my pension. Old is always at least 15 years older, IMHO. Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you.
Have a very Happy Birthday dg.
Now at the age of 78, I indulge myself in research for books, exhibitions and talks.
Out for a field walk in the rain today, the 100th anniversary of an unusual meteorite fall.
So, a doubly important day.
A very Happy Birthday dg - 58 seems impossibly young to me, these days!
Happy birthday! Here’s to many more! 🎉
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy Birthday dg! Close but not close - I am four months behind, and definitely not notable.
Happy birthday dg, enjoy your cake.
Happy Birthday dg
Happy Birthday, and enjoy your special day!
Happy birthday dg, and don’t worry I will be 78 next month and I don’t feel old at all.
Happy Annual Increment Day
Happy birthday dg
Happy Birthday dg. Have a great day.
Typical for this website to provide cake and no cookies.
A 1955 model writes....
Happy Birthday dg, you young thing you.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday!

Has there ever been snow on your birthday?
Happy birthday dg!
Happy birthday, dg.

I am 366 days older than you and yesterday there was no cake, so thanks for the offer.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday Geezer!
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday dg, all the best!
Happy birthday dg. The free TfL pass is looming!!
Happy Birthday dg. Like a fine wine I think you are improving with age. Not that I come here for your reviews of fine wine.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday 🎈
Happy Birthday, d g , and many thanks as always for all you write.
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Good god, have I been reading this blog for that long?
Yes, they whoosh by with frighteningly increasing frequency, and by the 8th decade it's scary to think back to events that happened so recently 10 years ago, and how today's will look in another 10 years...

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday. I was about 58 when I first found your blog and I don't feel old yet.
Happy birthday, dg!
Many Happy Returns dg.
One year closer to a 60+ Oyster!
Happy Birthday Mr Geezer! One step closer to the bus pass!
Happy Birthday, dg! Stay healthy...
Happy birthday dg!
Happy birthday dg! May you have many more.
Happy birthday dg
I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday, dg. Thank you for continuing to inform and entertain us.
Another vote for Happy Birthday. Are you sure about the cake though?
Happy Birthday dg
Best wishes on reaching your 59th year! Best regards.
Happy Birthday dg, Cheers to more fun, more memories, and more cake! …
Happy Birthday Chief... fish and chip supper?
Happy birthday and many happy returns!
Happy birthday, dg, and all the best for the year ahead.
Happy Birthday dg, all the best.
Heartiest of happy birthdays!
Happy birthday dg
Congratulations! All the best
Happy Birthday dg. Hope youve had a nice day.
Happy birthday dg!!
Many Happy Returns dg.

I hope you had a really enjoyable day!

We look forward to many more blogs.
Thanks everyone.

Today I drank tea, walked through an aeroplane, was growled at by a Rottweiler on the top deck of a bus, unwrapped three homemade brownies and got repeatedly wet.

So a memorable day, if not the greatest.
Happy birthday, dg. May you have many more (hopefully rotweiller-free ones) to come.
Reading this a whole week late, but you happen to have the same birthday as me!

I sadly spent my birthday recovering from tooth extraction the day prior, but I hope yours was pleasant.

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