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Another of the many (great) museums around London that so few of us have been to. not just your main lettered one, but also the welcome 'is also for' list.
Many thanks. I'm slowly but surely visiting some of them. for S may I humbly suggest the Sikorski Institute, if you haven't been there yet.

Pedantic, but shouldn't it be bus 65 to Brentford?

The number of times I have been there, as Frank was a great friend of the family. My brother collects pianolas.

Back in 1979 I worked at Chessington Zoo for a Summer picking up litter. Within the zoo there was a superb exhibition of mechanical musical instruments. I spent a lot of time in there because it was virtually unvisited by the hordes, the guy who showed you around was fantastic, the display was superb . . . and my supervisor never thought of looking for me in there! I have been unable to find out what happened to that collection.

Your post stirred up great memories so I will go up to Brentford as soon as I can. Thanks.

Tony - not pedantic, but correct. I should've read the back of the leaflet more carefully.

I must go - I've seen the one in Utrecht a couple of times (fantastic dance hall organs about the size of a small bungalow, playing boogie-woogie beside a dance-floor - in a church....)

Seems like the sort of place that I would visit if it was for free, but unfortunately there is no chance I would pay to visit it.

In this case, William, if nobody paid to visit then it wouldn't exist.

After the Kew Steam Museam you go to another Museam I passed whilst staying in Brentford and thought hmm wonder whats in there and thanks to you now I know.

I find these automatic musical instruments fascinating to watch. I have to say though that the variety of museums that we have here in London is amazing!

One of the fascinating things about those paper rolls is that they were precursors to computer programs punched out on paper. The precursor to the precursor was punched paper used by weavers to program complicated patterns (even if they didn't call it programming).

Always an interesting read here. Thanks!

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