please empty your brain below

Great set of posts. I think this is the true one - don’t believe that the council would have approved a ‘tank’ without plans, and it looks like it’s been here for a long time.
It is not a German made tank, it's a Russian T34 tank, probably captured by the Germans.
Modern day camouflage.
I know a German tank when I see one.
Its a Russian designed T34 tank manufactured until 1958. The actual history of the vehicle will ID if it served in WW2 or was a post war Polish or Czechoslovakian made one.
Definitely a Russian T-34
It's a T-34-85 with the enlarged turret and 85mm gun, used later in the war to take on the Tigers and Panthers (very successfully).
Apparently this one was given to the Czechs and heped suppress the Prague Spring.

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