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Don't know whether the pitch and putt golf course is still there but many is the time I skived off school to go play. Still upset they got rid of the boating on the lake though.

dg writes: The pitch and putt's closed, with plans to reopen it on the edge of the park.
We went there about a fortnight ago, totally blown away by the grounds, restorations and also the fascinating unrestored bits and community garden. Dismayed at high priced Benugo, not suitable for a park with families so bring your own picnic. This is a fantastic place and cant wait to see inside the museum which was about to open
oh no !!! not the dreaded Benugo
you mention "upstairs" ... I hope the renovation cash didn't run out before they installed some sort of lift

dg writes: A lift to all floors.
I knew about the opening weekend but did not get there.
Used to play cricket in the park back in the 1980's, wonder if they still have facilities for games.
The only other time I have been there was for the London Mela but I see that is not at Gunnersbury park this year, maybe they are trying to keep the park in good condition and not have thousands of people trampling over it.

dg writes: Plans for the "major outdoor sports hub" include plenty of cricket.
I used to live very near Gunnersbury Park in the mid-1950's and was frequently taken over to the park on visits because I loved the carriages on display. One memorable day, when few others were around, a caretaker who recognized my family as regular visitors, allowed me to sit (which I did very carefully) in some of the carriages. It is one of my favorite childhood memories.
My mum used to take me to Gunnersbury Park frequently during the 70's. I always headed to the paddle boats on the pond first. When it was almost time for my number to be called in, I'd paddle out by the Temple, just to get a few extra minutes to paddle back.
I'd get some putting in, then head over to the epically tall slide. It was one of my favourite places to go as a kid.
In 1925 the estate was taken over jointly by three councils; Brentford & Chiswick as well as Acton and Ealing. Thus in 1965 the two new Boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing succeeded to the ownership.
The park is now owned by a community interest company rather than Ealing and Hounslow councils.

The Mela isn’t at Gunnersbury this year but they have the Lovebox festival instead, and some other festivals (I think). Probably less about keeping the park pristine and more about maximising income...

It is looking lovely, great job.

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