please empty your brain below

On count 1: Do people still use RSS/Atom very much? I was under the impression it's on the decline.

dg writes: Yes.
It’s a testament to how good your writing is that so many people visit and read every day.

Please add 26 to your visitor numbers for me (28 days reading on an rss app, minus two days when I went online to write comments).
I still use RSS to keep track of new posts on a variety of sites, and I click through to the full post around 9 out of 10 times unless its something simple without images like a coronavirus update.
Sorry to read that you don’t make to Sailing By.
+1 for the RSS squad, though I often click through for the full DG with morning coffee experience.
I RSS-read on outdated devices on which the comments don't work anymore, so if a post looked like it could attract interesting responses, I'd switch to my phone or laptop to click through to the proper website. Bit of a faff, but that's the price for aiming to prolong device lifespans.
I read on RSS, but after a comment you made about it not showing up on visitor numbers a couple years ago, I make a point to always click through and read on the website, just so DG knows I'm out there and I care.

"I've subjected you to five verbose walks down minor B Roads."

I am sure I am not the only one who would say B roads is some of your finest content. It has been a pleasure to read.
The quality of your sleep must be pretty good to remain at about 7 hours a night. I'm in bed a lot longer than that but would be surprised if I get more than 5-6 hours of restful sleep!
Re count 1: Adblockers might also skew the numbers, because in addition to ads as such, they also commonly block tracking/statistics scripts in general.

It might be interesting to compare it with the statistics provided by Blogger, which are done server-side and are therefore unaffected by ad-blocking (though on the other hand its potentially more difficult to filter out bot traffic).

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