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Isn't there an Eleanor Cross at Tottenham Cross too .....?
The Tottenham one is something else according to Wikipedia.
Thanks for this DG, Waltham Cross is my home town -- I grew up just 5 minutes walk from Cedar's Park back in the 50s/60s. What a wonderful place to grow up for someone interested in history, which as you say was greatly helped by Jack Edwards the local Librarian. Oh and The Shadows practicing in the boy's club at the back of my primary school playing fields.
Great to hear both local and personal history intertwined. Broxbourne is quite pleasant, particularly around the Lea river
I too liked the personal bits. The scene in Cheshunt Cemetery brought a tear to my eye. Thanks again DG.
Me too.
My father died last year.
Your bit about the child and the balloon triggered my tears (good tears).
Thanks DG.
btw I come from Northampton, and I know Queen Eleanors Cross well. As a child, we'd get the bus home there after a walk from the town up the footpath to Hardingstone, blackberrying if it was autumn.
Interesting, as all these sort of your posts are.
Indeed it is interesting. History, local history, and personal history.
The Waltham Cross shopping centre called Pavilions is one I quite enjoy visiting. It's compact but not cramped, and the architects have made good use of natural light.
"a diversion from Watling Street to Ermine Street "
Always wondered why the cortege took such a circuitous route as to include Watling Street at all - after all, Ermine Street runs all the way from Lincoln to London. I would guess that in early December the route across the fens might have been too boggy, or possibly that there were insufficient stopover opportunities on the shorter route.

(Written at Stamford, the location of the third cross)
This is the second time you've covered a balloon released in a cemetery, the other was the trip on the 375 I think, I wonder if it was a trend that started with 'Desperate Housewives' when the character Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) did it in the episode 'The Sun Won't Set' following a miscarriage, this was first broadcast in 2005.
The Wiki link to Cedars Park states it has an area of 19 hectares - not 19 acres as mentioned in the paragraph below the picture.

dg writes: Fixed, ta.
timbo: Why the long route? See a suggestion or two here -

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