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excellent story !!!
I know the story well.. and often think of my old "bestfriends". I never met my first one again though I've heard he lives in the same town as me - 400 miles from home. I was tracked down by another.. 20 years later - I keep in touch with her. Funny "old" people eh ? Bestfriends change generally in the same direction as you - if you're lucky - luckier still to catch up with them everyonce in a while. Reminds me,rather uncomfortably, of 7up.. etc... the next one is... not far to the next one. Will there be a next one ?

All my best friends from the UK, I've long lost touch with; it was after all 1962. I have one small black and white photo, taken at school in 1961.
Since the middle 60's living in the Netherlands, I've kept most of my friends as friends. I now seem to be losing my friends to old age.

It is amazing how people who were so close easily become strangers, but you can still meet up most unexpectedly. I was on holiday recently in St Ives, Cornwall, and bumped into an ex-girlfriend who I'd not seen for 15 years (her family owns a flat there, so there was some vaguely small chance she'd be there).

A very stilted 2 minute conversation followed whilst she introduced her husdand, and I introduced my wife and kids, and then that was it. Given that I've lived in Munich Germany for the last 13 years, I don't suppose I'll be bumping into her again for a while!

Great story. My old best friend lives not far away in Hackney and runs a successful textile business. She was good at everything and very clever and I was the opposite. Maybe one day when I am running along the canal tow path I will see her on her bike.

First week at 'big school' and four kids gravitated towards each other. All these years later and, despite several spats and some of us having lived abroad for a time, barely a month goes by when I don't see at least one of them. Now and then we all meet up and suddenly we are back in the playground again. With the current stresses of jobs, mortgages and other halves, it is sometimes great just to forget it all and relive the excitement of the release of 'Voulez Vous'.

I don't think it unusual not to keep in touch with people you went to school with. What do you have in common - you're a similar age, lived roughly in the same area whilst attending the same place for your main education. Anyone who gets transported in to a school, has a family not connected with the area, has lots of extra-curricular activities (of own choice and circumstance)is not going to have much in common with school BF's.
Of course when you hide your lights, like you do DG, you won't even appear to be gossip worthy as an adult. And that's how it should be.

@Mark Woolley

Speaking of old friends, you didn't happen to attend Aston University in the early 1990s, did you? If so, I know you and you'll know me...

Just met a friend from 10 years ago for a few drinks last night. He looks different to when I met him (nose job and tatts), but still the same old good dude. There were 3 of us from school at the bar, all doing very different things, but still very much the same.Strange.

beautiful story DG, although with a tinge of sadness. I'm never sure whether it's for the best that there are certain people you don't keep in contact with but enjoy seeing randomly nonetheless. there are a few people like that in my life and I tend to think it's better than trying to form a friendship and realising the two of you don't get on as much as you thought. Fleeting occasions of bumping into one another seem preferable.

Nowadays, Facebook means that I'm in touch with most of my BestFriends from school and uni - and can keep track of what they (and their kids) are up to. It's handy when they'll only be in the area for a short time, we can schedule a catch-up coffee, and (because of FB posts) know enough about each others' recent doings to have a decent chat.

No relation to BestMate, I assume?

It must be nice having a brain that can instantly recognise a face in an indistinct, fast-moving crowd that is thirty years older than when you last saw it. It's not all that common a talent, you know. Me, I can barely recognise the faces of even the people I do encounter on a daily basis, and I never, ever recognise people I meet on the street, even if they recognise me. I've been hailed more than once as an old friend by complete strangers. This blog post could never have been written by me.

The only mostly reliable way of getting me to successfully identify a fellow human is for me to expect them to be present in a certain place at a certain time - and if I haven't seen them for a while, for them to either introduce themselves to me or provide a similar giveaway such as calling me by name, otherwise I'm liable to assume someone else is them.

Basically, I suck at social interaction, full stop, but the barriers aren't all mental.

An excellent story—who knows, you'll probably end up speaking again in a few years!

Like they say in Disneyland, it's a small world…

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@TCH - the initials don't ring a bell immediately. But, of all coincidences, there were actually two of us with the same name one year apart (and doing a very similar course). The other one had a middle initial J I think, so maybe you knew him rather than me!

Caused endless confusion, especially one time when he girlfriend used the wrong email address on quite an "interesting" email!

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