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Regarding City Thameslink, a link to St Paul's was proposed as part of Thameslink 2000 by various objectors who thought it ought to be included in the scheme. The promoters argued that it was too difficult a technical challenge and the inspector agreed with them in his report.
One other non-interchange is at North Acton. Here it is the Central Line that stops, but the Overground whizzes right over the station without stopping.
And in a slightly different category, there is Roding Valley, which if moved a fraction to the west could have had platforms on the Epping branch as well, filling in what is otherwise a long gap between Woodford and Buckhurst Hill.

And to be fair to the GOBLIN, it does manage to hit Blackhorse Road.
Not when it opened it didn't.... Blackhorse Road, that is. The platforms for the Overground now are relatively new, the older station was slightly further along the line - so much so, that the tube map didn't even show Blackhorse Road as a 'connection' with the National Rail station...
It's not like the current planners are much better really...

Why, for example, is the new Northern Line extension (or split Barnet-Battersea line) not going to a station called "Battersea Power"?
As far as I recall, the rail going eastwards was financed by land sales for house building - the stations were obviously intended to service the new housing estates not allow already resident people to travel more easily.
Oh yes, here in E18 there have been quite a number of times when, on a journey to Harringay/Stroud Green, I've had to get off at Leytonstone and wearily trudge to Leytonstone High Road, only to immediately sail back over the Central Line.

Wonder if Hitchcock, tube and train nut that he was, ever walked a similar route?
A little unfair to object to British Museum station's closure, since no doubt had its relocation to Holborn Kingsway not happened you would have been bemoaning the fourth failure for the Central and Picadilly to interconnect. And it's not as if the replacement station is very far away - is shorter than the trek from South Kensington to the Science Museum for example.

The distance from the western end of the platforms at St Pauls to City TL cannot be very far, and the Central is very poorly connected to the south - no direct connection to south of the river between Bank and TCR
@ geofftech True, though "relatively new" is relative - Blackhorse Road has been shown as an interchange since at least 1977
Some time between 1970 and 1972

link 1

link 2
You mention the emptiness of City Thameslink. Does anyone know why Thameslink isn't included on the standard Tube map? As an occasional visitor, arriving at Kings Cross, it was several years before I discovered this useful link down to Blackfriars and the Temple area; much easier than trying to take the Tube. It would get rather more traffic if visitors actually knew about it!
You can see the brick vent shaft of the Central Line in the builder's yard next to Bow police station.

For the same reason that useful links like London Bridge - Greenwich, Liverpool Street - Seven Sisters, Moorgate - Finsbury Park are not included. TfL see it as a map of "their" network, rather than a useful guide to all transport in London. Goodness, they might even lose revenue if people found out there was a faster route from Victoria to Clapham Junction than going via West Brompton!
@ Richard M, I did that journey (South Woodford-Harringay) every week a few years ago, finally decided it was easier to go by tube to Manor House (change at Holborn) with a walk north up Green Lanes.
Every time you go and write a really interesting post, I realise that the last really interesting one that you did wasn't actually the best one ever, but this one is.
Don't these non-interchanges in west London keep the network from being completely screwed when one line goes down?
If there were interchanges then the trains that should be running wouldn't stop because of overcrowding.
Rumour has it that a link is finally being built between the two Walthamstow stations which will remedy one of the missing links on the Goblin.

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