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'One angry vandal' - as opposed to one of those kind caring vandals?

'The mound was designed as a communal focus, with a circular seating area around the edge created using reclaimed oak timbers from the River Thames'

Eh???, you kind of wonder what lifestyles politicians think 'normal' people lead - probably sounded good in the meeting.

It reminds me of the hideous 'clock' thing at Tottenham Hale Stn., never ever saw it working, nor any idea as to how it was supposed to work, luckily swept away with the redevelopment, shudder to think taxpayers might be having their money wasted whilst it's stored in some warehouse somewhere.
Only you dg could take something intrinsically dull and make it so interesting. I might even go to check on the oak trees, but only next Summer probably. Thanks.
Shame. Such a waste of potential -and money.
Kindness and caring and not-being-a-vandal are permanent states. Anger is temporary. So both terms are necessary. The Spanish language uses two different verbs to describe what you temporarily are (e.g. cold), and what you permanently are (e.g. a doctor).
A good new (?) feature. Though not in London we (in Oxfordshire) have a fine collection of 'things that probably looked a good idea in the archiect's drawings but weren't really and now have gone to pot thanks to years of being ignored'
Such is life in the Rotten Borough, sadly.

The athletics stadium is due to be joined by a sports centre in the next couple of years.
Belatedly. I was in one of the blocks in Kidbrooke Village (sick) today.
Residents there were invited to a coffee morning sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods.
The prosecution rests

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