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So, the Millenium Dome has beaten Thameslink 2000 to completion?!
The double curve of the roof (most clearly seen in the second picture) reminds me of the shape of a molar (tooth). DG's words " a hole nobody's got round to filling " seem particularly appropriate.
Looks like an airport without the planes.
I was wandering past Coal Drops Yard on Saturday morning, and think they have an awful lot still to do if they want to open this Friday as the adverts all suggest!
Seeing the photos I also think that it looks like an airport terminal.
I have only ever visited once in December 2007 for the Led Zeppelin concert.
I'm soooo glad London is getting some more shopping malls. This is what family entertainment is all about.
a good job you can get there so quickly from North London.
Wheres the lifts for the wheelchair access?
Aren't we lucky? Westfield Stratford is only 3 stops away on the Jubilee line.
This has FAILED written all over it...
I don't think the readers of this blog are the target market for this place
If eerie is your thing I suggest Whiteleys Shopping centre in Bayswater. A few shops open on the ground floor, the rest spookily quiet.
The newsagent (that doesn't sell newspapers or magazines) wasn't the only retail outlet - there's always been an O2 phone shop just inside the entrance to the dome.
What this underlines is how vast the dome actually is. If anything, it seems much much bigger inside than outside.

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