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"mainly white"; I visited Hull on business in the early 80s, about property redevelopment, and one point the planners made was that hardly any immigrants move to Hull because it's not on the way to anywhere. This was in no way meant to be a selling point, simply an observation.
and I'm pleased to see that the area has been improved considerably since then, so thanks to dg for all these details and photos
After reading the linked article from Jones the Planner, I really want to go and discover this city, once again.
What I found amazing - don't misinterpret this! - were some amazing public conveniences in Hull, with barber's shop if I remember correctly, about 11 years ago. There was something similar beneath the platforms at Liverpool Street station in the 70s.
Winifred Holtby wrote a novel called The Land of Green Ginger. She based many of her novels in Yorkshire.
So, was the TIC able to produce a fish trail certificate when DG claimed his?
There's a white telephone box in the village of Slaugham (pronounced "Slaffem") in West Sussex. It's Grade II Listed.
I think this is probably the first positive thing I've ever read on Hull so thanks for the eye-opener. Thanks also for the link to the fascinating Jones the Planner.
There's a Play for Today from 1973 called Land of Green Ginger. You can watch it free in the Mediatheque* at British Film Institute.
* closed Mondays
No doubt many will have heard the biography of Larkin seralised in Radio 4's book of the week a couple of months ago.

Still seems remarkable to me that the university would sell the house where one of (the?) most famous of its staff composed most of his work.

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