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DG, do you know if there on any online maps of the new roads? I just can't quite work out where these routes will go.

See page 6 of this pdf (Transport).
Or click the "site access" tab here.

Thanks! How odd that lifeline road is.

I can't believe that I may have got the correct date. Right seeming as I may be on a roll, the lottery numbers for this Saturday 6,22,24,33,37,49 (Disclaimer: Don't blame me if you actually play these numbers and don't win as I am only doing this as a bit of a joke.)

DG, great post. I have been working on this building for nearly three years and based on site for almost all of that time, yet still feel very hazy about the surrounding roads and how they link in to the existing network. It's hard to maintain a correct orientation, for some reason, though I suspect somewhat easier than for the building sites which really are in the 'middle of nowhere'. See you all on the 13th!

BTW - there are lifts at each end of the 'rusty bridge' but you're right: it' a bit of a hike up the steps. You'd be better off entering via the new Northern Ticket Hall: I suspect the TFL escalators will be faster!
There are 3 levels of mall once inside though, so expect more escalator action to get around!

Thanks to you dg for mentioning a few weeks back that volunteer passengers were needed try out the DLR line for safety tests I was riding on the new DLR route from Canning Town to Stratford International last Sunday.
I was surprised to see the huge multi-storey car parks around Stratford's Westfield Mall, as the Westfield at Shepherds Bush does not seem to want to encourage the use of cars.
I suppose "Essex Man" must have his car.

With reference to route 339 being extended to Stratford City I have been informed by a close friend who works within TFL that it is also due to be replaced by double deck buses for the period 1st June 2012 to 12th September 2012, how that will be possible with the low bridge that you mention on Wharton road I am not sure.

The bus services to / from the North Bus Station will run from 10th Sept with the exception of the D8. However, they will not carry passengers until the 13th Sept. Schedule changes occur on Saturdays so there is a slight mismatch.

As the D8 will be diverted away from its current route into Stratford it has to carry on "as is" until the 13th. The operator will change on 17th Sept to Docklands Buses so First London have only 4 days of providing the D8 service on the new routeing.

PS - are you sure about the 30th for the DLR? There is endless speculation about opening dates!

My understanding is that officially, TfL are keeping mum about the opening date. Apparently the extension was handed over to Serco just the day before the recent evacuation exercises so it'll probably be a while yet!

London Reconnections has it that the DLR to Stratford-in-the-Hole is actually opening the day before, on Monday 29th.

But then again some seem to think that's still hopelessly optimistic and mid to late September is still more likely. Ho hum. What have we learned today? Absolutely no-one has a bloody clue.

John, the number of carparks at Stratford City is only about 10% more than at Shepherd's Bush: it's just that at the latter they are all hidden underground. There are two levels of underground parking at Stratford in addition to the 'visible' standalone(-ish) carpark and threee levels above the mall.

Exactly EskimoPie - there are 4,500 car parking spaces at Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, however planning consent was predicated on c70% of shoppers arriving by public transport. Hence the new White City bus station, Wood Lane station on the H&C and Shepherd's Bush Overground station. By contrast I don't know what, if any, conditions were included in the Stratford City application.

At the rate the DLR is going it'll be Ken who'll be opening it.

The bridge at Wharton road is signposted as 15foot six inches so double deckers will be able to go under it after all.

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