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Bendy buses might not have many seats, but they have a lot more seats downstairs than a double-decker, a modern one at least. Even an RT bus has more seats downstairs than some of the new ones.

I notice that the new buses are "First", I assume that Stagecoach did not win the latest tender for route 25, I am overjoyed that they have finally gone, at least we will not have to endure a row of several, sometimes even three bendy buses lined up at the driver/changeover point opposite Bow Church DLR station.

I have to say, I really like the return of the white roundel on the sides of new buses, very 1980s!
Less happy about the pointless withdrawal of bendy buses from all routes, especially red arrow routes

Someone was up early to get that snap!

First have taken over the 26 too. I saw one of their new buses (the same type as the 25 pictured here) on Mare Street this morning and had a moment where I realised something was different, but couldn't quite work out what...

@martin - First have also taken over on the 30 as well. The vehicles on the 25 are different from those on the 26 and 30 but the allocations will probably get mixed up. A big swap round between Stagecoach and First London.

Ah, "worst bus", as they are known here in northern Manchester, where they virtually have a monopoly. You have my sympathies, and my hope that the way buses work in That There London that you should be free of their worst habits viz a viz timetable changes, obscene pricing policies and a refusal to issue the local pta's saver tickets when they feel like it!

Took a 25 from Oxford St to Mile End yesterday evening (8pm-ish) and it was PACKED. Cue the recorded announcements to move down the bus, no standing upstairs or on the stairs, and the driver switching the engine off until people listened and actually moved. I had a seat though, so fine by me! But it kept leapfrogging another 25 that was practically empty, so it's hard to tell whether there's sufficient capacity overall.

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