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60% turnout is a bit rubbish.
Clegg mucked up chance for PR.
How did Nick Clegg muck up the chance to have PR? The LD were the only reason we had a referendum on it.

Wrong time, and he sold his party's principles and manifesto promises to get that referendum.
The Lib Dems seem to have acheived PR. 72 seats out of 650 almost exactly matches their share of the vote.
The number of votes per seat would be an interesting graph.
"Wrong time, and he sold his party's principles and manifesto promises to get that referendum."

There's rarely a 'right time' as one party usually wins a majority based on FPTP. It was actually the best time when the results finally didn't allow for that. However, Cameron / the Conservatives, having agreed to hold a referendum as part of Clegg's T+Cs of joining them, then at best did nothing to support it and at worst campaigned against it, knowing that if it was successul they would never be able to be completely in power again as no-one has +50% support. Starmer will no doubt be of the same mind. So millions of essentially disenfranchised voters will continue to be disenfranchised.
Alternative vote is not PR.
1b - I think Oth being 22 seems a little low. I get 18 from NI, 6 Independents and 4 from PC and I'm not clear how you're treating the Speaker in all this.

dg writes: fixed, thanks
Why did participation drop so much in the 2000s?
Gordon Brown offered clegg AV without a referendum, with a vote on STV if I recall correctly. So he had a route to a more proportional system but didn't take it for various reasons.

However, can't see the lib dems shouting about PR too loudly given they've actually become very "efficient" in converting votes to seats this time around.
I don't mind FPTP giving the winning party (of the 2 main ones) a larger number of seats than their vote percentage, which (other than the last 8 years) usually helps give a stable government, but the current Labour seats to percentage ratio is ludicrous!

The 2010 Tory/LD coalition actually had a majority of the votes cast, whereas in this election Labour and LD together still only command 46% of the vote, which is only 2% more than the Conservatives got by themselves in 2019...
Interesting to see the vote percentage change in London since (I assume) 2019.
Is the drop for most parties due to lower turnout? Two parties growing, Green (unsurprising) and Reform (surprising).

DG - what were you comparing Reform to for the percentage increase? Brexit Party?
Labour achieved the same number of seats in the 2001 and 2024 GE (412) despite recording a 7% lower vote share!
FWIW, this was the lowest share of the total electorate (barely 20%) supporting any incoming government since universal suffrage in 1929. Ever since 1974, voters have been drifting away from the duopoly to other parties, and worryingly to not voting at all.

At what point does that lose the system and its winners any legitimacy?
I believe that voting is compulsory in Australia.

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